New Chicago Web Series Features Characters With Terrible Superpowers

Crowdfunding Campaign Announced For Completion Of Season One

Mike, the lead character of the new web series SUPERFREAKS, has a superpower. But it’s not what you might expect. He can turn Pepsi into Coke.

The comedy series, which launched its pilot episode on YouTube at the end of last year, combines the special effects and high stakes of the superhero world with the inane comedy of “The Office”.  And now Acting Matters is pleased to announce that SUPERFREAKS has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to continue the series.  The crowdfunding campaign runs until April 1.

This isn't a story that Hollywood is looking to tell - and that's the point.

Jessica Curtis, Director

“We are in love with our actors and characters, and really want to explore the universe they have created,” said co-creator Jessica Curtis.  Jessica directed the pilot episode, and she and husband Eric Curtis wrote the pilot episodes as well as the rest of the scripted season. “Each episode will follow one of our main characters through their interactions with Mike, so we’re really going to be able to delve into their point of view.”

“We chose to crowdfund because we believe this show is really unique.  This isn’t a story that Hollywood is looking to tell – and that’s the point. There are great stories here, and we believe they need to be told.  Certainly there’s no question that this story is relatable, and that it has an audience who cannot wait to see what comes next.

The talented ensemble includes Graham Henderson, Philip Michael Toca, Angela Morris, France Jean-Baptiste, Marissa Chastain, Warren Polk, Erica Pezza, Nelson Velasquez, Mark Willis, Debbie Ruzicka, Jamie Black, Keith Kelly, Eric Curtis and Brooke Bennett.  Additional cast members (who play a minor role in the pilot) are scheduled to return throughout season 1.

You can find the campaign by visiting and searching for Superfreaks Web Series.  There you will find more information about the show, and about where your contribution is going.  Additional perks are available at every level of contribution, and some of them are really unique – at $200, for example, you can create a terrible superpower of your own, that will be incorporated into a future episode.  The campaign has a lofty though attainable goal of $40,000 for season one. But don’t let the price tag stop you – the show is grateful for every single dollar you contribute, even if it is only a dollar.

“We're pretty scrappy.  Less than our goal might mean less characters, less episodes, but it won't ever mean that your money was wasted. It’s a superhero show, after all – there is always hope!”


About Superfreaks: SUPERFREAKS is a workplace comedy about people who have been endowed with unimpressive superpowers and are relegated to menial work in the corporate office. The pilot follows our unlikely hero, Mike, as he begins working at Trigate Technology, a super-corporation that is more than meets the eye.  The pilot was filmed throughout the city and suburbs of Chicago, and was produced by Acting Matters.


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