New Compost Bin to Solve All Composting Needs

Primrose has developed and launched the new Easy Load Wooden Compost Bin to solve all your composting needs.

The idea of scraping around at the bottom of a compost bin is not one that appeals to many. However, the compost bins available on the market offer little in the way of an alternative.

Traditional compost bins tend to come in two forms, neither of which is particularly easy to use or accessible. Wooden compost bins require complete disassembly in order to load or unload compost, whilst plastic bins feature a small hole into which compost is loaded and an even smaller one for unloading.

Wendy Chamberlain, a keen gardener and proclaimed 'Queen of the Allotment', decided it was time to create an alternative to her traditional composter when she was having trouble taking mature compost from the base of her bin. As a solution Wendy designed the Easy Load Wooden Compost Bin with the everyday allotment gardener in mind.

The removable front slats allow for maximum flexibility when loading and unloading the composter directly from a wheelbarrow or removing mature compost from the base of the bin. The bin, which comes in four sizes ranging from 449 litres to 897 litres capacity, is suitable for any garden or allotment site.

The increasing focus on environmental concern means there has never been a better time to start composting. Composting cuts down the amount of methane emitted into the atmosphere and, as an added benefit, acts as a fertiliser for gardens and allotments. Local councils are also urging people to pay more attention to their waste levels and are actively encouraging the use of compost bins throughout the UK.

Action has been taken across Europe in the form of the Landfill Directive which aims to ensure substantial cutbacks in the amount of waste being landfilled. The target for 2013 is to reduce biodegradable waste to 50% of that produced in 1995 with further reductions expected for 2020. The logical and manageable solution is composting.

The Easy Load Wooden Compost Bin from Primrose is available from The item comes flat packed and is designed for easy assembly.


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