New E-book Easily Explains How to Start Composting

Naturally Earth Friendly writes that composting household and yard waste provides a way to balance our waste process of household items and deliver nutrient rich compost.

Naturally Earth Friendly has written an eBook entitled "Beginner's Guide to Composting." The e-book is available for only $7 and can be downloaded here.

The 33-page e-book pulls its ideas from massive research and talking with composters who found challenges and what they did to fix the problems. Novice and master composters alike shared many commonalities.

Meant to be an informative resource it is not too technical, making it an easy to read manual for all people new to composting. Moreover they write, a composting pile is fluid, changing form as the primary ingredients are added. The process describes how to create a compost bin in your backyard without smelling like garbage or attracting wildlife.

In the e-book, Naturally Earth Friendly writes that even composting beginners, despite their best efforts, currently make common mistakes and are uneducated into how to fix them. This usually creates a sense of defeat and beginners often give up on composting their household waste. Naturally Earth Friendly hopes to solve this feeling of defeat by helping them learn common errors with solutions.

Readers will:
• Learn the various options for creating a compost bin - enclosed or open - and their strengths and weaknesses
• Discover the impact of normal trash problems on the environment as landfills become overcrowded over time.
• Learn how to balance the addition of "greens" and "browns" to ensure a properly balanced compost
• Understand the value of quality compost fertilizer for garden soil and edible plants

"Contrary to popular belief, composting is not difficult," Brianne Coelho, founder of Naturally Earth Friendly, said. "Composters must know the proper ratio of adding waste ingredients and then be ready to adapt when the compost pile changes, such as being too wet or too dry."

"Thanks to the ever growing popularity of sustainable living and environmental concerns, many people are exploring the possibility of composting in their own backyards," Coelho added.

The e-book is available for download at


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