Next Generation Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance 2018

Obtain invaluable information on the emerging opportunities in Military, Government, Commercial and Civil Markets found nowhere else. Key Program offices will examine the Next Generation of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance from first-hand experiences and address the urgent needs, requirements, capabilities, and opportunities for industry.

On May 23 & 24, Technology Training Corporation presents an informative symposium on an established and dedicated platform for Government, DoD, and industry experts to discuss the future of ISR for defense and government.

·       Automation: IC ITE and other Cutting-edge TCPED Tools & Techniques for PED of Big Data and FMV  

Technology Training Corporation hosts a tremendously informative & organized event. The speakers always educate and shed new light on upcoming trends.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Vice President

·       DCGS and Latest ISR Multi-INT Fusion & Sensing Capabilities

·       ISR advancements in Activity-Based Intelligence

·       Wide-Area and Persistent ISR Capabilities for Homeland Defense (Maritime & Border Security)

·       Advancements in Airborne ISR Sensor & Data Collection Capabilities

·       UAS, UUV, UGV Platform Systems Integration

·       Signals Intelligence

·       Cyber/ISR Convergence and Partnerships

·       Cutting-Edge Biometric ISR Technologies

Source: Technology Training Corporation


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