NovaStor's New Media Management Lowers Work Load and Storage Costs for the Protection of Networks and Data Centers

NovaBACKUP Data Center 4.5 reduces effort for media management, supports efficient staging, and optimizes the protection of virtual environments.

Data protection specialist NovaStor launches version 4.5 of NovaBACKUP DataCenter software for heterogeneous networks, data centers, and sophisticated IT environments in SMEs and large enterprises. The latest version bundles a new set of features for efficient and cost-effective use of private cloud storage models.

Media Management and Staging Supports Private Cloud Storage Models
NovaBACKUP DataCenter 4.5 extends the centralized management of storage media for data backup and restore to multiple locations. External media pools at different sites can be easily integrated into the security concept. The location of external media is stored in the central media management database, so that required storage media can quickly be accessed when needed.

In addition, the dynamic use of identical / same media, libraries, and tape drives by different backup servers reduces the storage space and hardware components needed for backup and restore. Companies can now add new technologies to existing drives in the same library, and thereby, operate the storage infrastructure in a more cost-effective manner.

NovaBACKUP Data Center 4.5 also increases data availability by replicating the backups on hard disks and magnetic tapes at other locations and supporting automatic staging from disk to disk to any other storage medium (D2D2Any). NovaBACKUP DataCenter 4.5 supports both virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and elaborate staging concepts while matching backup and restore processes with simple hard drives and no need for VTLs.

Version 4.5 Supports Requirements of Virtual Environments
NovaBACKUP DataCenter 4.5 meets the specific requirements that arise from increasing virtualization with VMware and Hyper-V. To secure large amounts of data on virtual machines within short backup windows, NovaBACKUP DataCenter 4.5 employs multi-threading to increase data throughput during virtual machine backup.

In addition, version 4.5 can not only create disaster recovery images for VMware, but also for Hyper-V. Filters can automatically select active virtual machines on VMware and make them available for backup. The option to exclude inactive virtual machines automatically reduces the backup volume as well as the space needed.

"Private Cloud Storage concepts are ideal for securing today's distributed environments, corporate environments, and abundant amounts of data. With NovaBACKUP DataCenter 4.5, we support companies with the most advantageous use of virtual machines and distributed backup devices in a private cloud," says Stefan Utzinger, CEO at NovaStor.

Product Introduction Webinar
NovaBACKUP DataCenter 4.5 is now available for purchase. Interested parties may refer to NovaStor's website to register for a webinar on Data Center 4.5 NovaBACKUP on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. PDT or register directly at

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