Old Childhood Proposal Caught on Tape

After the digital conversion of several video tapes, a long forgotten childhood proposal was found.

Larsen Digital finds old childhood wedding proposal

While completing scanning service on one family’s video tapes, footage of a five year old girl proposing to her childhood boyfriend through song and dance was recovered.  The footage, dating back to the early 1990’s, was submitted for scanning service to Larsen Digital, a prestigious scanning service provider, after a flood struck the video tape owner’s home. 

The owner of the film (and the starlet of the proposal), said of seeing this memory for the first time in a long time, “It’s amazing how much happens in one’s life, but is simply forgotten because we often neglect to reminisce and take the time to look back through our lives and appreciate the places we’ve been.  Seeing this footage brought back so many emotions of joy and happiness as I was able to see myself as a little girl, and it allowed me to relate more to my own little girls.”

It's amazing how much happens in one's life, but is simply forgotten because we often neglect to reminisce and take the time to look back through our lives and appreciate the places we've been.

Christa Hubard, Video Tape Owner

The two individuals featured in the digitized video tape clip did not end up getting married, but the memories this video brings back is something that will connect them forever.  Oftentimes, Larsen Digital has found that prospective scanning service recipient’s view the task as too great or difficult, but the results of converting past memories to digital include joyful nostalgia and a gift that will keep on giving. 

It is imperative to get film the scanning service it longs for, especially before tragedy, such as a flood strikes, as it did in this story.  Film damaged by water, fire, or even children can make the scanning service more difficult, and should be prioritized to be completed before such an event occurs.  According to The Nature Conservancy, climate changes are resulting in more severe floods and fires around the world.  This fact alone merits action in getting scanning services completed, where once files are stored in a safe manner, memories will last for lifetimes to come.

Larsen Digital Services, located in Pleasant View, Utah, has been a revered scanning service company for over two decades.  The scanning service line Larsen Digital offers includes slide scanning, movie film transfers, video tape transfers, photo scanning, audio tape transfers, vinyl record transfers and much more.  With a highly trained staff and efficient processes, Larsen Digital will give a scanning service that can’t be beat.

Source: Larsen Digital Services


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