Oniracom Announces Whitepaper Highlighting Application of Social Data to Major City Planning

Joint project with international engineering firm informs transit and engineering decisions in Seattle, Perth

Actionable Intelligence Informs City Planning in Perth, Australia

​​​Oniracom, a boutique engagement marketing firm based in Santa Barbara, California, unveiled its newest study, produced in partnership with international engineering firm Arup. The in-depth analysis is a resource for cities or other entities curious about how social data can inform key decisions in built environments.

The whitepaper, titled Public sentiment analysis and its explanatory power: Applications to new mobility planning and orchestration, takes an in-depth look at how social data can influence the development of mass transit systems, focusing specifically on Seattle, WA, and Perth, Australia.

"Our previous intelligence work with Canberra, Australia used our proprietary data analysis system, Actionable Intelligence™, to interpret travel and emotional sentiment throughout the day," stated Oniracom CEO Jacob Tell. "Arup wondered if they could gather data that would inform their own work with major city mobility."

Oniracom CMO Mike Wald explained that Actionable Intelligence™ is data intelligence supported with proprietary validation services. "This allows us to sort through massive sets of geolocation data and social posts to produce otherwise unavailable insights into public behavior and emotional sentiment." Due to sheer volume, analyzing each data set can take weeks, even on the company's custom-built, GPU-driven servers.

"Once we get results back, we visualize the data and craft strategy based on sound intelligence research. For the Canberra project, visualization included the development of interactive 3D mapping tools to display emotional sentiment by time of day and location," noted CTO Sean Campos.

Dylan Melsom, an engineer at Arup - one of the world's largest engineering firms with offices in 34 countries - noted the potential these 3D mapping tools have for assisting the cities and other clients they serve and that the white paper helped demonstrate this potential.

"Oniracom was an excellent partner, bringing creative energy to the research and a spirit of investigation. They cut through the noise to bring detailed insight into the human experience of travel. This enabled us to not only improve our collective understanding of the potential applicability of sentiment analysis as a technique but also to drill deeper into the real points of pain, pleasure and indifference in the world of mobility."

The report ultimately concludes that public sentiment and geolocation data alone do not provide sufficient data sets to make definitive decisions about mass transit. However, it points out that this type of data does provide valuable insights into behavior, emotional sentiment, and geolocation, which help inform future engineering projects. Download the Report.


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