PHP Agency Launches Podcast Series Showcasing Agent Diversity and Success

PHP Agency Podcast: The Voice of Inspiration

The financial services industry can be a tough field where only the strong and focused will survive. The rewards, however, are huge when you succeed. There are a select few who have cracked the code and are earning fortunes in this industry. Though one would think they would keep the secrets to themselves, as leaders, they know that helping others succeed is a win-win proposition.

How would you like to learn from these exceptional leaders?

Financial independence achieved by building and owning your own insurance agency has never been more attainable. As the business world rapidly evolves, more people are seeking outlets for their talents and escape being just another cog in a machine of corporate America. Gone is the era of having few options other than being chained down by corporations and working 9-5 jobs that may not support your long-term goals.

As people look for ways to survive in a changing economy, more are turning towards entrepreneurship. Many have the desire but lack the knowledge, insider tips, and connections to do so. The all-new PHP Agency Podcast fills that void.

The PHP Agency Podcast is a weekly live online show that tells the real stories of PHP Agency agents and their path to success through entrepreneurship. The podcast educates and inspires listeners on the path to economic freedom. It also emphasizes the importance of life insurance and ensuring that loved ones are taken care of. Discover the story of how PHP Agency transformed its part in an outdated industry, which has historically been homogeneous, to an ethnically and culturally diverse one where people of all walks of life can thrive. PHP has created many millionaires who came from non-traditional paths and proves that anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or education, can create a successful business and generational personal wealth.

The PHP Agency Podcast is co-hosted by two successful agents, Matt Sapaula and Marlene Gaytan. Both came from humble beginnings, and with the help of PHP Agency, they have grown to manage multiple locations and earn seven figures annually. Matt has appeared on cable news programs such as Fox and Fox Business. He has a YouTube channel called Seven Figure Squad with over 100k subscribers, and a multi-location agency within PHP that is setting sales records each month. Marlene is a Latina entrepreneur, who has paved her own way by showing the world that women are just as capable of being successful in what has been a male-dominated industry. With a background in real estate and an indomitable spirit, she has set an example for women entrepreneurs as she has built a successful multi-location agency within PHP.

Every week, Matt and Marlene welcome high-performing, successful agents from PHP Agency Inc. to tell their stories. These individuals include top earners and agency builders who have years of success. The podcast's agent-guests come from all over the country sharing stories that will motivate and inspire you-- no matter where you are in your career.

What better way to learn about the industry than listening to and even asking questions to those who will share their expertise. You will be updated on current events and campaigns, and learn why they chose PHP Agency. The subjects discussed are thought-provoking and provide insight into the life insurance and financial services industry. These individuals will show you how PHP Agency has helped many to grow their businesses to million-dollar agencies and become financially free.

PHP Agency has challenged the insurance industry with a mission to help middle-class Americans, including women and minorities, to succeed in the financial services industry. Their YouTube channel will give you the latest updates on marketplace. No matter what level you are, with a fresh feel and new topic each week, there is an episode for you on the PHP Agency podcast.

Watch their YouTube channel  for exclusive footage of financial services professionals discussing their journey and be sure to subscribe to receive notifications of newly posted content.

Why search for the winning formula when all you need to do is tune in each week?

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