Pierre Fabre Laboratories Collaborates With Chowis Company to Analyze Skin, Hair, and Scalp With AI Diagnostic Solutions

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Chowis Company ("Chowis"), a specialist in skin, hair and scalp diagnostic solutions, has teamed up with global Pierre Fabre Laboratories to launch the new technology Dermoprime. This multi-type diagnostic system can analyse the skin, hair and scalp by simply changing the lens and by using “Here to Care”, a professional software that provides scientific analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Dermoprime is already deployed and in use in France, Spain, Austria, and will be registered for deployment in a total of nine countries by the end of the year.

Pierre Fabre Laboratories is the world's 2nd largest dermo-cosmetics company. Its dermocosmetic portfolio includes global dermocosmetics brands such as, Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, René Furterer, Ducray to mention only those available in Asia. 

Chowis Company, which was selected by Pierre Fabre, has an exceptional history of collaborating with global companies with its unique technology since its inception in 2012. Last year, the company solidified its position in the industry by introducing an unmanned kiosk-type diagnostic system and winning the CES 2023 Innovation Award for its ultra-compact AI mobile skin diagnostic system. This year, in particular, the company has made a name for itself in the global market through various collaborations, exhibition participation, and awards. As confirmed, Chowis has completed the delivery of its unique diagnostic solution to the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, which includes diagnostic devices and programs. The chosen solution is Dermoprime, a multi-type diagnostic system that can diagnose the skin, hair and scalp by simply changing the lens. Due to its efficiency, DermoPrime is used professionally by laboratories, clinics, and cosmetic brands. Given that Pierre Fabre wanted to support and use Chowis' diagnostic solutions across all brands in the group that care for the skin, hair, and scalp, they chose the most efficient and versatile solution.

The accompanying diagnostic program, "Here to Care," is a professional software that provides scientific analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, as well as features such as a customer management system and cloud data security. In particular, the software is provided by exclusively customizing the 'DermoBella 2 evo' used in conjunction with DermoPrime according to the unique concept of the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, which is expected to further strengthen the brand image.

Ryan, CEO of CHOWIS declares: "Experience is an irreplaceable asset and a source of competitive advantage. We expect that our step with a global company like Pierre Fabre will be a new asset for the company, and we believe that our unique diagnostic technology will grow even more."  

Tom EL-BEZ, Chief Digital Officer Consumers & Patients Activation department - Dermo-Cosmetique & Personal Care explains« Pierre Fabre & Chowis have been working closely together to provide best in class for in-store experience based on insightful diagnosis backed by science, expressed through unique devices that empower our beauty advisors to respond to ever-evolving consumer request for expertise and unique experiences. » 

About Chowis Company: 

Chowis Company specializes in software development based on optical and sensor technology, hardware, big data, and AI models for skin, hair, and scalp diagnostic technology. Founded in 2012 with the goal of bringing "Science to Home" while creating smart and mobile skin and hair solutions, the company established a corporate research institute. Collaborating with experts and researchers worldwide, Chowis Company continuously generates ideas and implements the latest hardware and software content development.

For more detailed information about Chowis Company's diagnostic solutions, you can visit www.chowis.com.

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