Precoro Launches a Support Program for Nonprofits, Startups and Education

Precoro launches 'Precoro for Clean Procurement' program to help organizations manage their spend more effectively

Precoro for Clean Procurement

Precoro, purchasing software for SMBs, announces the start of Precoro for Clean Procurement Program to help startups, educational organizations and nonprofits make their procurement process more transparent and much more cost-effective. The program provides special pricing on all Precoro plans and expert advising on streamlining the purchasing process in the organizations.

As Precoro says, the program is aimed to help with organizing efficient spend management in organizations that are particularly committed to reporting on spending as well as the economy. These organizations are primarily charitable organizations, educational institutions and startups. “We know how important it is to control spending and keep the procurement process transparent in these organizations as a huge part of trust from investors and charity funds depends on your ability to spend their money in a proper way,” Andrii Zhyvolovych, CEO at Precoro, said. “Moreover it is very important to keep an eye on the overall company economy and streamlined procurement is a key.”

By means of this program, we want to help the riskers minimize the risks, the savers save more and the educators educate even better.

Andrii Zhyvolovych, CEO at Precoro

Nonprofits and educational organizations that apply to the Precoro for Clean Procurement Program will have a discount of up to 90 percent on all Precoro plans and free onboarding which includes expert assistance on how to implement e-procurement software and streamline the procurement process in the organization. Startups, in turn, will have a discount up to 50 percent and get the same range of capabilities as the rest of the applicants.


To be eligible for Precoro for Clean Procurement, an organization must be a non-profit charitable organization which is in good standing in its country; a school, an educational institution or a university; philanthropic arms of an educational organization or a startup on Series A and early funding rounds.

How to apply

Nonprofits, educational institutions and startups can enroll in the program on a regular basis. To enroll in the program, organizations must provide some additional information to be validated as an eligible applicant.

“By means of this program we want to help the riskers minimize the risks, the savers save more and the educators educate even better,” said Zhyvolovych.

More info about the program:

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Precoro is a cloud-based purchasing software, designed to streamline procurement process and automate purchasing in the company.

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