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Publisher Media52 launches, the app to help people get factual news - fast. logo shows the main headlines of the day through 15-20 second video clips. Similar to social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, users can flip through videos of news stories based on their preferences and catch up with what is happening in the world within a matter of minutes.

"Facts matter and finding them is becoming increasingly difficult if you rely on your social media feed for news," says co-founder Prof. drs. Bart Brouwers. "Our service is a way to cut through all the opinion and fluff. No bias, no pandering - just news!" is free to download and available for all android and IOS users. Links can be found at

A combination of AI and human
The app's production combines AI machine learning and a human editorial team. Every day, the app is updated with stories taken from trusted sources and cross-referenced for factuality. It is curated to give only the most pressing news of the day, edited to fit today's fast-paced lifestyle. Great care is taken to just deliver the facts.

"The issue with a pure algorithm news feed is that articles about what people think about an event get far more attention than the event itself," says Prof. Brouwers. "Which is a shame because there's some great reporting out there. People just need a way to home in on it."

About Media52 is the latest brainchild of Media52 publishing, a company created to tell the story of innovation in Europe. Brouwers, a professor of media studies at the University of Groningen, founded Media52 together with Merien ten Houten, a media entrepreneur, seven years ago at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Since then, the brand has grown to multiple offices around Europe and is one of the most trusted names in technology news.

"For us, is about reaching a young audience that is already used to using technology to get their news," explains Brouwers. "It's a shared space for common facts. And when we share the same facts, we can collaborate on the solutions."

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