Propelus Launches Groundbreaking Primary Source Verification API

Propelus, a leader in dynamic workforce compliance solutions, is excited to unveil its latest innovation: the Propelus Primary Source Verification (PSV) API. This cutting-edge solution reinforces Propelus’ unwavering commitment to empowering healthcare organizations and professionals and their collective need for far greater connectivity, continuity, and real-time transparency across a broad and complex healthcare ecosystem. With the addition of the PSV API to Propelus’ offerings, customers have on-demand access to the most comprehensive, automated, and accurate primary source verified data – how, when, and where it is needed to ensure a more compliant, safer, and happier workforce in compliance management.

"We are honored to help our healthcare partners solve complex workforce compliance problems through game-changing technologies,” said Julie Walker, CEO of Propelus. “Our new PSV API simplifies workforce compliance and streamlines healthcare operations at scale, automating more than 4,800 different types of professional license, certification, registration, sanctions, exclusions, and more primary sources at scale to meet our complex healthcare ecosystem’s needs."

The Propelus PSV API drives workforce compliance effectiveness and efficiency by seamlessly delivering essential primary source data connecting established systems within Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Medical Staffing Services, Compliance, Finance, and more. Propelus’ customers are thrilled by the addition and continued innovation, which perfectly complements their current workforce compliance offering as a faithful ally in elevating healthcare quality, safety, and outcomes.

"The launch of the Propelus PSV API represents a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionize workforce compliance management," said John Barnes, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Propelus. "Our API provides unparalleled access to primary source verification data and privileged partner relationships that are powering unprecedented opportunities to streamline total workforce compliance with confidence."

The Propelus PSV API performs millions of primary source verifications daily, providing ongoing insights and an unrivaled workforce compliance management experience beyond keeping pace with regulatory changes, which is something Propelus is passionate about and is no easy feat for healthcare organizations. 

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As a leader in workforce compliance technology, Propelus is modernizing how healthcare professionals, their employers, regulators, and partners work better together. For over 20 years, Propelus solutions — CE Broker, EverCheck, and Immuware — have propelled the progress of millions of professionals by providing seamless compliance management throughout their career journey. Leveraging market-leading technology, essential data, and unparalleled strategic partnerships, we power critical compliance programs for a happier workforce, better operations, and safer communities. Learn why Propelus is trusted by 5+ million professionals: 

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For over 20 years, Propelus solutions — CE Broker, EverCheck, and Immuware — have propelled the progress of millions of professionals through our dynamic workforce compliance and full-lifecycle continuing education technology.