Protecting Millions of Families From Injury and Saving Lives With Geozilla's Integration With IoT Devices

GeoZilla's IoT integration has reached a new level. We've empowered our Open API and updated the software to let wearables integrate with our app much smoother than ever before. Now GeoZilla can be integrated with most consumer IoT devices to enhance security and provide users with real-time GPS coordinates of their loved ones.

Read further to discover how users benefit from GeoZilla integration with IoT-based tracking solutions. 

Advantages of GeoZilla IoT Integration

What are IoT devices? These are computing tools that connect wirelessly to a network and exchange data with each other. All these things can be integrated with GeoZilla technology to enhance personal tracking and safety. 

Our team pioneers technology that detects danger, helping prevent accidents. Here are the main advantages of integrating GeoZilla with monitoring IoT devices.

  • Real-time tracking. Stay informed about the exact location of your IoT devices through the GeoZilla app.
  • Geofencing. Set custom circles and receive instant alerts when your devices enter or leave designated areas.
  • Historical location data. Access the historical geolocation of IoT devices up to 36 hours away and gain valuable insights into past movements and patterns.
  • Multi-platform support. GeoZilla integration supports a wide range of IoT-connected devices, ensuring compatibility across various platforms and brands.

How to Apply GeoZilla Integration for Enhancing Personal Safety

Recent advancements in miniature sensors and ML data processing have enabled our team to create cutting-edge IoT-enabled location-tracking solutions. These are some variants on how to take advantage of this technology.

  • Fall detection. IoT sensors for tracking allow GeoZilla users to identify when something goes wrong with their loved ones and provide immediate help in cases of fainting.
  • Real-time location tracking. If users want to give more freedom to their kids without worrying about their safety, using remote IoT monitoring devices is the best option.
  • Driver protection. GeoZilla vehicle tracking technology tracks speeding, aggressive driving, hard braking and notifies users that they need to change their driving style.
  • Healthcare tracking. IoT devices are helpful for monitoring relatives with serious diseases. You no longer need to worry about your grandparents with dementia getting lost, because GeoZilla will notify you of any emergencies.

Why GeoZilla?

Even the most powerful location-tracking apps can't compare to GeoZilla. There are some reasons why our technology is the best solution for your remote internet access IoT devices.

  • One of the key strengths of GeoZilla lies in its IoT Open API, which allows any wearable manufacturer to easily integrate into our ecosystem and lets users take advantage of the best-in-class GPS software.
  • The second reason to prefer GeoZilla is our powerful UI. The interface is completely intuitive and easy to use, while all handy functions are only a few clicks away. 

With support for over a dozen security IoT devices such as Tesla, Fitbit, and Google Wear, the technology keeps families connected. Keep your loved ones safe with real-time IoT-enabled location tracking.

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