PS3, Xbox, and Wii Backup Features in Handy Backup by Novosoft

Novosoft LLC, an acclaimed developer of data backup and recovery solutions, announced Handy Backup extension featuring backup of Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Novosoft, the international company specializing in development of IT solutions for home and business, announced new functionality for the Handy Backup utility. The announced backup plug-ins are to bring advanced options for backup of video games for popular consoles ( ).

"In software development there are two types of future: the offing and what goes after it. The offing is the one you direct most of your efforts on: you implement these features, improve those mistakes, plan to bring a brand new unprecedentedly user-friendly interface, and do other minutely stuff. The more distant future is often much less cared about before its time comes, but nonetheless it is essentially important to get prepared for it in advance. An example of how you might win if today you care about the day after tomorrow is the story of Handy Backup plug-ins for video game backup," said Alexander Prichalov, the head of Novosoft Development Department.

"Some time ago we critically reworked the software architecture of Handy Backup. We wanted the utility to be applicable to backup of data and settings of the widest possible range of applications. To make it possible to back up the most popular up-to-date applications was caring about the future of the first type, the least distant. But we also tended to care about the second type future, so we made it possible to incorporate Handy Backup with plug-ins for applications that we could even not know about. When we were doing so, backup of, say, Wii was not an issue, because there was no Wii. But the possibility was grounded. So now it's the time to harvest and here we are, gleefully going for easily built plug-ins for video game backups," added Mr. Prichalov.

New Handy Backup plug-ins to get available soon are to provide opportunities for backup of video games for popular game consoles, such as Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Traditionally, Novosoft also encourages any other thinkable plug-ins to be independently created. The company presents all the required for plug-in development support and documentation and supplies potential developers with full-featured versions of Handy Backup Standard, free of charge.

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