Qualibrate Revolutionizes SAP DevOps With an 80% Increase in Efficiency and Seven-Times Faster Implementation

With the automation market expected to grow by $32 billion by 2025, Qualibrate is reinventing SAP system testing to significantly increase businesses' revenue and productivity.

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Qualibrate, the leading SaaS solution for enterprise software delivery, revolutionizes SAP DevOps, helping businesses achieve greater productivity and revenue. As organizations embrace business and test automation, enterprises need rapid implementation to bring projects to life with efficient testing.

Gartner predicts the integration market is projected to grow by $32 billion by the end of 2025, scaling nearly 50% in five years alone. According to a new Forrester report, automation testing tools are expected to power significant market growth, driving revenues to $22 billion in 2025, up from $13.9 billion in 2021. 

Emerging as the market leader in test automation, Qualibrate provides a friction-less process for businesses to integrate software for automation, disrupting the conventional approaches to documenting, training, and testing. Traditionally, software delivery was time-consuming, expensive, and lacked reusability. With Qualibrate reinventing quality assurance, individuals, teams, and organizations are empowered with the right automation technologies and tools to keep up with the high speed of digital transformation.

For clients like PVH Europe, a large Dutch retailer with a diversified portfolio of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, business continuity was key as they migrated and uploaded thousands of assets. With Qualibrate, PVH Europe increased coverage and speed of their regression testing while also increasing data validation to 100% correctness and completeness, compared to the previous process of manually spot-checking 10% of loaded data.

"The business world is changing and continues to change at a rapid pace. Automating business and test processes is not just a necessity, but it is a requirement for large enterprises. Qualibrate's automated processes increase productivity by utilizing technology to connect teams, documents, and project management," said Alan Jimenez, Managing Director for Qualibrate.

With a simple user interface, powerful reporting, cost-effective cloud environments, and extensive integrations, Qualibrate enables agile teams to streamline software delivery to production. With a modern approach that transforms the way teams test, document, and train users, teams can leverage Qualibrate for an 80% increase in efficiency on testing and training while documenting business processes seven times faster than before.

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Qualibrate is the 3-in-1 SaaS solution for enterprise software delivery that transforms the way teams test, document, and train end users. It offers native support for automating tests on SAP applications and 40+ non-SAP technologies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Oracle Cloud Apps, Mendix, etc.

Qualibrate's Cloud test automation platform integrates natively with SAP Solution Manager Test Suite to extend the customer's capability to automate SAP and non-SAP applications as part of their end-to-end testing strategy. Qualibrate is the tool of choice for customers such as AirFrance/KLM, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Bell Helicopter, Nouryon and more.

With a certified integration for SAP, your team can leverage Qualibrate to save up to 80% effort on testing and training while documenting business processes 7x faster than before.

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