Quantum Workplace, Kaleidoscope Group Partner to Combine Expertise, Technology for Employee & Business Success

Partnership Integrates DEI Expertise with Employee Success Technology

Quantum Workplace, a leading employee success platform, as well as the leader in data collection for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Programs, announced today its partnership with The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC, a 30-year proven full-service diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm providing holistic transformational, customized strategic solutions impacting the organization's mission, culture, systems and business. Through the partnership, clients can access enhanced employee listening, performance feedback, and workforce analytics, as well as a trusted partner for subject matter experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

"We have strong alignment when it comes to our organizational values," Quantum Workplace Director of Business Development Luke Stritt said. "Organizational focus on DEI is critical to employee success. The Kaleidoscope Group are the experts in the DEI space, helping to transform organizations and make the workplace better." 

Clients will have access to employee success and DEI experts to support their initiatives as needs arise. Both companies will also co-develop content to support clients on their DEI journey and improve the employee experience and ultimately impact the mission, business and bottom line. 

"Quantum Workplace has decades of experience in creating technology that better captures and leverages the employee voice," The Kaleidoscope Group Senior Vice President for Assessment Practice Mary Hunter said. "Their technology pairs well with the DEI expertise we bring to the table to ensure the employee voice is heard, DEI efforts are supported, and organizations are transformed for business success." 

About Quantum Workplace 

Quantum Workplace, a human resources technology provider, equips workplaces with the smartest talent solutions so that they can grow and succeed. Nearly 20 years ago, the Company pioneered some of the earliest employee engagement and performance software and has since partnered with thousands of organizations to drive employee, team and business success. 

To learn more, visit www.quantumworkplace.com.

About The Kaleidoscope Group 

Core to its mission, The Kaleidoscope Group aims to 'Free the Human Potential,' empowering people to have real conversations about issues and opportunities that create real change, thereby producing greater organizational results. Kaleidoscope offers world-class DEI transformational consulting services around the globe, where DEI is a key mission driver built on a success and change framework. Moreover, they work to build internal capability to operationalize DEI into systems and practices through all stakeholders. The Kaleidoscope Group is recognized among the top 10 pioneers in the DEI industry. 

To learn more, visit kgdiversity.com.

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