rūmbo Acquires Three Chairs Productions

Tampa agency enters 2022 stronger and capable of doing more for their clients.

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rūmbo, a cultural advertising agency based in Tampa, Florida, has acquired Three Chairs Productions, a video production company operating in Tampa since 2013. The official announcement was made on Dec. 31, 2021. The move to acquire Three Chairs started on April of 2021 to extend the agency's service offerings and elevate the agency's client experience.

"Personally, it gave me a chance to plan how rūmbo and Three Chairs Productions were going to come out of a turbulent time. So the decision was made to unite the two companies into a fully integrated powerhouse advertising agency offering creative, branding, media, strategy, digital, and content production," said George Zwierko, CEO and Founder of rūmbo. 

The acquisition of Three Chairs Productions fits into rūmbo's strategy to help their clients find a deeper understanding and connection to their brand and culture in order to identify what resonates the most with the target audience. 

By uniting the two companies, rūmbo will provide an all-inclusive and uninterrupted service experience. This acquisition is the first step in the agency's exploration of ways to positively impact their customers.

"The model has proven itself over the past few months as rūmbo has seen a 60% growth in business. More importantly, is the increase in customer satisfaction," says Mike Compton, President, and Co-Founder.

About rūmbo
rūmbo is a Veteran-owned marketing and advertising agency based in Tampa, Florida, with satellite teams in Nashville, TN, and Charleston, SC. Founded in 2008, rūmbo has produced campaigns across a variety of industries including finance, healthcare, hospitality, technology, and non-profit. Over the past 13 years, rūmbo has been recognized for creative and strategic excellence.

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CEO and Founder


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