Ready Computing Introduces Channels for Community Network Resource Management: An Interoperability-Based Solution for Social Determinants of Health and Social Services Optimization

Channels is a flexible, easy-to-use platform to connect community based resources, payers and social services agencies in support of whole person health.

​Ready Computing, a leader in innovative healthcare IT solutions, announced that its Channels platform will support Community Resource Network Management (CRNM) in order to connect individuals with community-based services. Ready's experience in designing and implementing many of the healthcare industry's most advanced solutions has directly informed Channels' holistic capabilities. At its core, Channels enables better coordination across care teams and organizations, which in turn allows for better and more consistent outcomes for community members in need.

With increasing needs for payers and healthcare organizations to incorporate community-based, nonmedical services into their care protocols, Channels is well-positioned to improve how data informs and optimizes these resources. Through integration of clinical, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), and community services data, Channels offers holistic workflows that automate actions across an entire data ecosystem, benefiting individuals, CBOs, and Payers. For example, Channels delivers population and community resource management capabilities such as dynamic assessments, workflow optimization, directory services, closed loop referrals, case management, and extensive analytics.

"By incorporating community resources like food pantries and safe housing with traditional healthcare data, care teams and community-based organizations can collaboratively work with payers and social services agencies towards positive outcomes for individuals in need. Today, data from community resources are often difficult to identify and coordinate in an efficient manner. Channels provides an ecosystem for community resources, payers, and social services to advance on the promise of whole person care," said Mark Taylor, Director of Product Strategy at Ready Computing.

Ready Solutions vision is "to systematically remove all barriers from the best care available, and we are proud of how Channels puts us down that path of connecting individuals to the community's best services. Our community programs are easy to set up, seamlessly integrate with data and existing technology, and give users the ability to build and customize workflows that effectively coordinate resources to people in need. Being able to do so efficiently and reliably demonstrates perceivable value to the care you offer and builds trust between you and the people you serve in the community," said Todd Johnson, Vice President of Product Development at Ready Computing.

Additionally, Channels can quickly be deployed alongside your current IT solutions, including EHRs, HIEs, Claims Data, CRMs, and Provider Network Managements tools. And by incorporating community resource data such as availability, proximity, capacity, and performance, Channels is now more equipped than ever before to assist the growing ecosystem of organizations and individuals involved in a member or patient's care.

Learn more how to manage risk and improve patient outcomes with Channels from Ready Computing here.

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