Rebel Content Group Releases Trailer for New Series, 'Websleuths Radio Podcast' on Anchor

An online forum that solves crimes through crowdsourcing teams up with an executive producer of "Surviving R. Kelly."

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REBEL CONTENT GROUP has released the trailer for Websleuths Radio Podcast on the top podcast listening service Anchor.​ The show, which premieres Oct. 29, 2019, is the first new, original series to come out of the REBEL CONTENT GROUP network—created by award-winning, true-crime television producer Jessica Everleth, an executive producer of the Emmy-nominated Surviving R. Kelly series for Lifetime., the groundbreaking online forum whose 137,000+ members help solve real crimes, is launching the podcast "Websleuths Radio Podcast"—hosted by forum founder and former radio disc jockey Tricia Griffith and produced by one of the executive producers of the acclaimed documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly.

Upcoming guests include Heather Tiffany Robinson, who as a child was abducted, then adopted out by serial killer John Robinson—a man later convicted of killing her mother and several other women. The podcasts will also feature a retired homicide detective turned crime scene cleaner, plus Ethan Brown—author of "Murder in The Bayou" and an executive producer on the true-crime series for Showtime based on the book, as well as other exclusive interviews.

"Websleuths Radio Podcast" explores breaking stories, unsolved murders and other violent crimes—hoping to generate leads that will help bring criminals to justice and gain closure for victims’ families. Websleuths members have helped chase down clues, identify bodies, and solve high-profile cases—including mansion victim Rebecca Zahau, teen concert goer Linda Pagano, lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare and others.

The podcast launches on Oct. 29, 2019—Listeners can access the "Websleuths Radio Podcast" on Anchor, Spotify, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Breaker, and iTunes.​   

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