Recruit CRM Builds a Cutting Edge ATS for Recruitment Agencies

Recruit CRM Builds Applicant Tracking System for Executive Search Firms, Recruitment Agencies, and Independent Recruiters.

Recruit CRM

Recruitment agencies have always had a tough task to perform. There are so many things going on simultaneously: finding new clients, nurturing existing relationships, understanding requirements, headhunting candidates, getting them through the selection process and, lastly, maintaining one's sanity. Everything needs to function in absolute harmony or things can go south real quick.

The key components of any recruitment business are its team, clients, and tools, used to make business happen. The quality and professionalism of both the average recruiter and client have improved over the last decade, but the tools they use are still stuck in the 1990s. Many agencies are still using legacy software, which is clunky, messy and built on obsolete platforms. These software systems tend to be excruciatingly slow and the user experience is just awful. Though lots of recruitment systems, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and CRM's, have been around for over two decades, most have not moved with the times and are happily selling what they built 10 and sometimes even 20 years ago. To bridge this gap Recruit CRM, a Silicon Valley start-up has built a cutting edge ATS + CRM.

Using a state-of-the-art software program can hugely increase the productivity of a recruiter and is one of the leading drivers of superior business results over the long term.

Sean, the dynamic CEO of Recruit CRM, confides that he has personally spoken with over 2,000 recruiters across many countries over the last two years to continuously refine their CRM system. Recruit CRM's rapid adoption by recruitment agencies in more than 40 countries within its first year of launch is a testament to the power of this obsession with product engineering.

Sean, however, insists that this is just the beginning, and he, along with his team, shall strive incessantly to transform Recruit CRM into a true competitive advantage for its clients and become the CRM of choice for the industry.​​

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