Reduce Your Data Backup Costs With The Best In Class Fuji LTO Barium Ferrite Backup Tapes

Device Deals offers the best in class Fuji Ultrium LTO tapes featuring the best value proposition for small and medium scale businesses. Following businesses' ever growing data backup demands and the need for a more reliable and cost efficient backup solution, Fuji has got a lot more that successfully addresses everything from performance variables up to the total cost of ownership.

​Focusing short term alternatives and solutions that bring instantaneous cost efficiency has resulted into the worst nightmare for the majority of IT Experts around the world. What’s more important is to emphasize and adapt to an absolute data backup strategy that addresses both, performance and cost efficiency.

The majority of small and medium scale businesses have already experienced incurring excessive costs when they opted for some of the leading and ultra-modern data backup solutions. Rather than critically accessing the overall cost of ownership for the latest online data backup solutions for businesses, get to know why we claim LTO Tapes as the best solution for reducing the overall data management cost.

Considering Fuji Ultrium LTO-5 16008030 Data Cartridge;

·         The most efficient, reliable and adaptable data storage solution.

·         Extensive compressed data storage capacity of up to 3TB.

·         As low as $0.2 per GB of stored data.

·         Data Transfer speed that reaches up to 280MB/Sec.

·         Nanocubic Technology.

·         Backward compatibility to LTO-3 and LTO-4 Data Media Drives.

·         30 years of data archival life.

Following countless cases of data loss, the majority of small and medium scale businesses’ IT experts have already aligned their data management strategy by fully adapting their data backup plan to the Magnetic Media Backup Tape Technology.

Device Deals truly excel at uplifting its customers' total cost of ownership and the value proposition by further reducing the various shipping and several miscellaneous incurring costs.

Not only market thrashing sums on Fuji LTO Ultrium data cartridges but in addition to that Device Deals offers free shipping on all sorts of Data Backup Tapes purchases across the United States.

At Device Deals, registered customers are also making the most out of exclusive membership plans that features several other value added opportunities and benefits.

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