ReturnQueen Sponsors eTail

The online returns disruptor takes center stage at retail's premier industry event.

ReturnQueen, the nation's white glove on-demand online returns concierge, is proud to sponsor the 2022 eTail conference, which will take place in Boston on Aug. 8-10. There, ReturnQueen will join retail's top industry disruptors and innovators in shaping the future of ecomm.

A key partner for essentially any online retailer selling tangible goods, ReturnQueen was a natural fit for one of this year's coveted eTail sponsorships. The brand, which is the first-to-market of its kind, was created as an answer to the 87% of shoppers who will not shop an etailer again following a poor return experience (Parcel Industry, 2021). 

"ReturnQueen makes returns seamless and easy for consumers, while building valuable customer retention for retailers. Our service and analytics are a true industry game changer," says Daphna Englard, Vice President of Design at ReturnQueen.

Available via mobile app or ecomm platform plug-in, ReturnQueen eliminates all of consumers' traditional online return process pain points—including boxing and packing items, printing labels and shipping the merchandise back to the retailer. Instead, users can enjoy dropping their items for return by their front door, and the ReturnQueen's "purple nation" of drivers will haul, pack, label and return all unwanted items back to the retailer. Behind ReturnQueen's incredibly user-friendly interface are powerful backend analytics designed to help businesses optimize product design and merchandise mix.

ReturnQueen currently encompasses over 8,000 US zip codes with ongoing plans for major expansion as new return hubs launch across the country. It will also continue to rapidly evolve its service offerings to ensure users are truly able to return anything, from anywhere, wholly embodying the slogan, "Returns Made Easy." 

See you at eTail #purplenation!

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