Rock the Vote! Central Data Storage Recognized as a Top Backup Provider

Central Data Storage looks at its most recent award as reward for excellence in managing all aspects of medical and dental office data.

Central Data Storage (CDS) which leads the way in online medical and dental computer backup has recently been selected as one of the Top 25 Most Popular companies at Online Backup Directory.

The nationally recognized award is based on votes given each month to showcase the popularity of companies that are seen as trustworthy for computer backup needs.

The growth and popularity illustrated by CDS speaks to the high company standards outlined in their mission statement. There is a primary focus on the customer and security of data as mandated by stiff regulations of electronic patient records.

"Being recognized by such a newsworthy directory for our efforts lets others know what we already hear daily from our customers," said Ed Conklin, President of Central Data Storage. "Those looking to make a choice of backup providers can be assured that CDS has a strong track record with our current customer base and that we play a vital role in everyday management of data backup."

CDS uses two data centers to redundantly store critical office data that is monitored daily by its technical team. CDS has partnered with CoSentry in Omaha, Nebraska to ensure protection of the servers in a Tier IV, LEED registered facility which is the first of its kind in the region and meets NIST, PCI, SAS7O certifications and standards.

About Central Data Storage

Central Data Storage, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, provides fully supported managed online and off-site computer backup dedicated to serving dental offices and medical practitioners. These offices specifically need to have an established set of procedures and policies in place for data backup and recovery to protect the privacy of patients. CDS uses proven encryption technologies that address applicable regulatory and industry-driven compliance initiatives. Critical office data is encrypted in flight to multiple data centers and at rest giving clients reliable secure off-site backup breeding recovery assurance. As a managed provider CDS does the install and initialization of the software via remote entry. While monitoring all aspects of the process the CDS team verifies the data logs daily and is proactive in contacting the office when a problem arises. Moreover, when data restoration is necessary it's done rapidly with the CDS "SAFETY NET."

Prevent data loss before failure strikes. The first step is to create a disaster recovery plan and establish a formal process to be followed to restore your business continuity when a disaster occurs. Allow CDS to be an affordable part of your strategy with specialized know how of your practice management software and proper backup procedures. Central Data Storage is chosen by many dental and medical offices for its affordability, expert in-house support team and keen focus on rapid restores.

CDS invites you to visit the website at: for additional information or call 1-800-422-4607.

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