Scalio and Commonwealth Expand Investment Opportunities to Golfers Through Multi-Sport Investment Platform

Commonwealth, a partner and client of Scalio, is expanding its multi-sport investment platform following significant success with initial offerings.


Scalio, a leading Silicon Valley digital product agency, is excited to announce that Commonwealth, a partner and client, has expanded the scale of its equity crowdfunding platform following significant success.

After demonstrating exceptional early traction with its first investment offerings - including over $1M in shares sold & capital raised - the Commonwealth platform is expanding its multi-sport portfolio of athletes to now include professional golfers.

Within the past week, Commonwealth athletes have found themselves already making headlines: Both professional golfers qualified for the Veritex Bank Championship on the Korn Ferry Tour, while the thoroughbred racehorse "Mage" qualified for the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby.

"We are incredibly proud to witness the remarkable growth of Commonwealth and their expansion into multi-sport fractional share offerings," said Bradley Greenwood, CEO of Scalio. "As both a strategic partner and investor, Scalio is dedicated to empowering Commonwealth's mission of democratizing access to the world's most exhilarating investment opportunities. Together, we have transformed an ambitious vision into a cutting-edge platform that connects athletes & investors from all walks of life."

As an experienced product development agency, Scalio partnered with Commonwealth to offer product strategy, design and product development experience in fractional share investing, building a best-in-class investment platform complete with proven third-party integrations & a fully customizable CMS (content management system) for their business teams.

"Historically, the alternative asset class of professional athletes has been inaccessible to common consumers. Retail investors have not had the capital, network, time or expertise to acquire and manage these talented individuals throughout their professional - and often lucrative - careers," says Joshua Lucas, COO of Scalio. "On the business side, opportunities to raise capital have become more challenging amidst recent market conditions. Commonwealth's success demonstrates that firms have a clear pathway to raising significant capital via equity crowdfunding - empowering their teams to scale their portfolio of assets and create significant value. We're excited for Commonwealth's continued growth with the introduction of this new asset class."

Regulated by the SEC, fractional investing & crowdfunding have emerged as innovative ways for firms like Commonwealth to raise capital. In March 2023, Reg A equity investing managed to raise $52.7M for issuers offering assets such as high-value collectibles, real estate, businesses or fine art.

Issuers & asset holders are welcome to learn more via Scalio or connect with a representative on LinkedIn.


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