Secrets of Sand Mountain Now Available in All E-Book Formats.

Secrets of Sand Mountain, Philip C. Elrod's latest novel, has been published on Smashwords and is now available for purchase in all E-book formats. Summer 1944: moonshine, murder, an escaped German prisoner of war....from the tiny town of Campbell Crossing to Cuba's glory days as playground for the rich and unscrupulous, to post war England. The secrets of Sand Mountain stretch out their serpentine tentacles, weaving a complicated web that changes lives forever.

Secrets of Sand Mountain, Philip C. Elrod’s latest novel, has been published on Smashwords and is now available for purchase in all E-book formats.

Richardson, Texas. Secrets of Sand Mountain, Elrod’s highly regarded novel of coming of age in a small town in Southern Appalachia near the end of World War II can now be purchased from any of Smashwords’ affiliate book seller, including Barnes & Noble and Kobo; as well as most other book retailers.

"The characters are believable and real. Soon the reader is totally involved in cheering for positive outcomes for Philip and the good people in his circle. And the reader will also be hoping for the corrupt characters to take their leave. Mr. Elrod is an excellent writer, as the four sections of the book (related by four characters) has its own unique tone. You can almost hear each person speaking in their own voice. There is a wonderful complexity in this novel, told in a seemingly simple way. This is truly a delightful book."

Jack Magnus, Readers Favorites Reviewer

Secrets is also available from Amazon in both print and E-book editions.

Serene and beautiful on the outside – fires raging beneath the surface! Secrets of Sand Mountain is a face paced tale of moonshine, violence and a German POW, all intertwined into a gripping story of love, hate, and redemption. Early revues of Secrets of Sand Mountain have been highly complementary of Elrod’s latest novel.

Elrod’s two previous novels were in the genre of Sci-Fi. In recognition of the publication of Secrets of Sand Mountain, special promotions will be available at Smashwords for all three novels. For a limited time all three novels will be available FREE. The free coupon expires 3-31-2016. A 50% discount coupon will also be available and does not expire until 9-04-2016. These coupons are available without charge from the author’s website, There is no restriction on the number of coupons available.

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