Sena Announces MeshPort Adapters to Deliver Greater Network Capabilities Using Any Brand Bluetooth® Headset

MeshPort Allows Teams to Integrate Most Devices, Including Bluetooth Headsets, Smartphones or Tablets, for Better Communication Using Mesh Networking

Sena MeshPort Adapters

Sena Industrial, leader in advanced wireless communications for team work environments, announced today the availability of its MeshPort Blue adapter, which allows Bluetooth devices regardless of brand to utilize the full capabilities of multiplex Mesh networks for more efficient, effective and safe team communication. With the MeshPort Red adapter, tablet PCs and smartphones can be integrated into Mesh networks as well.

With Sena’s MeshPort adapters, companies can avoid the costs of replacing existing Bluetooth headsets regardless of the brand, as well as allow team members to use their own devices in Mesh network team communication environments. This is particularly appealing given the need for social distancing and avoiding the same use of headsets by multiple workers at a jobsite.

“We understand that not every work environment is going to have a Sena inventory of communications devices and may have workers who would prefer using their own equipment to communicate,” said Tae Kim, chief executive officer of Sena Technologies, Inc. “With our MeshPort adapters, our goal is to help customers better outfit their teams to communicate more effectively and safely while maximizing their investments.”

The MeshPort adapter line comes in two versions and features Sena’s proprietary Mesh Intercom™ protocol – MeshPort Blue and MeshPort Red. MeshPort Blue allows for any Bluetooth headset brand to integrate into a Mesh network. The MeshPort Red adapter supports the integration of tablet PCs and smartphones.

Mesh Intercom™ is a dynamic communication technology created by Sena that provides instant and effortless communication without a pre-grouping process. Mesh Intercom allows users to connect and communicate with nearby users with the simple touch of a button, minimizing the effort to set up the communication network.

The MeshPort adapters work seamlessly with Sena’s mesh-enabled industry-leading TuffTalk M headsets to provide any work environment with the full benefits of mesh networks, including security, multiplex conversations, and hands-free use.

Both MeshPort Blue and Red are lightweight, weighing just over 60 g. (2 ounces) with a talk time of up to 8 hours with standby time of 250 hours. In repeater mode, users can make connections to other devices (MeshPort or Sena Mesh headset) to better avoid obstacles indoors which can inhibit performance. Channels can be adjusted 1 to 9 in the MeshPort App to support larger teams in the work environment.

For the full press release go to Sena Industrial's website here.

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Source: Sena Technologies, Inc.


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