Site Ox Is Now the Official Provider of Linux on IBM Power Platform

Site Ox is now the official provider of Linux on IBM Power Platform. This is in conjunction with the IBM and Canonical collaboration announcement, making Site Ox the official implementation partner of this collaboration.

Site Ox announced today they are now the official provider of Linux on Power as the implementation partner in the IBM/Canonical collaboration to promote Ubuntu Linux on the IBM Power8 Platform. Site Ox is providing the automated deployment software and facilities to make this cloud based environment publicly available to developers.

The cloud based automated deployment environment provided by Site Ox is their flagship product called "SOVM" (Site Ox Virtual Management) and it performs automated deployment services across a wide variety of operating systems and hardware platforms, such as IBM Power, Sun SPARC, Itanium, Intel, etc. The automated deployment capabilities include operating systems, business functions, training systems, and development environments.

Through the Site Ox Web Site, Web/mobile Apps, and the SOVM vAppliance, Linux developers can order a Ubuntu Linux system online and it will be automatically deployed in a matter of minutes. The Linux developer is provided with unique login and connection information so they can develop their software on their own private Linux server running on an IBM Power platform. Additionally, a FREE TRIAL of the Ubuntu Linux on Power is being offered by Site Ox to encourage developers to take advantage of this environment.

The primary reason Site Ox was chosen to be the implementation partner for the IBM/Canonical collaboration, is because of the advanced automated deployment capabilities provided thru the SOVM vAppliance. The distinct advantage of SOVM over other services, is it is a cloud based virtual appliance environment that performs its functions remotely over the network. Nothing is required to be installed in the customer data center, SOVM performs it's functions remotely and communicates with the customer equipment over a secure connection or VPN. SOVM a is completely virtual cloud based vAppliance, and is able to perform automated deployments into any data center, anywhere in the world, for any Operating System or Business Function. The advantage of this design is that it can be quickly and easily implemented without disruption of a customers current design or administration tools. It acts as an enhancement to the customers current system administration and business function management strategies.

For details regarding the IBM announcement titled: "Ubuntu Server 14.04 exploits the IBM POWER8 scale-out family of Linux only servers with PowerKVM open virtualization." see the following URL:

For details regarding the cloud based Site Ox Virtual Management (SOVM) automated deployment environment, see the Executive Summary Slide Show at the following URL:

For information about Site Ox, visit the following URL:


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