SLR Business Credit Announces Rebranding of Subsidiary Fast Pay Partners to SLR Digital Finance

SLR Business Credit has announced that its subsidiary Fast Pay Partners has been rebranded as SLR Digital Finance ("SLRDF"). SLRDF provides asset-based loans and factoring facilities to ad tech and digital media businesses throughout the United States with borrowing needs ranging from $200,000 to $50 million. Loans are typically free of financial covenants, personal guarantees, and warrant/equity requirements, with competitive pricing. To learn more, please visit

"This rebranding represents the SLR platform's commitment to providing bespoke financing solutions to middle market companies in the ad tech and digital media ecosystem," said Randy Mitzman, SLRDF's Senior Vice President/Managing Director. "The market in our vertical is rapidly changing, and, thanks to the creativity and collaboration nature of SLRDF and the SLR platform as a whole, we are at the forefront of financing innovative companies and technologies. I couldn't be more excited about our capabilities for financing ad tech and digital media businesses of all sizes and stages of growth."

SLRDF is a wholly owned subsidiary of SLR Business Credit (an SLR Investment Corp. company; NASDAQ: SLRC). To learn more about SLR Business Credit, please visit For more information please contact [email protected] 

Source: SLR Digital Finance


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