S'moresUp Integrates Google Classroom to Help Parents Monitor, Track and Automate Kids' Schoolwork Alongside Housework

It's the first family management tool to provide this feature, especially helpful during online schooling

S'moresUp (www.smoresup.com), a Smart Family Management platform that teaches kids critical life skills through chores and rewards, is now the first tool of its kind to integrate with Google Classroom, allowing parents to manage their kids' school assignments and household chores from one place.

The app's new integration, launching Jan. 31, will allow all activity that happens in the classroom to be uploaded into S'moresUp for parents to manage and track, alongside being able to assign and track kids' chores, assign rewards, create and track life skills, and more. Parents can create automations to set alerts for when grades have been published or classwork assigned by teachers and monitor assignment submissions.

The app gives parents monthly/weekly reports that tell them how many tasks kids have completed and how many they missed, the time it takes them, and how many chores are done by each member of the family, how kids are spending their chore rewards, their kids time management, and more. Parents can use these features alongside their new Google Classroom data to graph out long term behavioral trends to know how long kids are taking in finishing assignments, how grades are increasing or decreasing through time, and more. This gives them the power to pinpoint where their kids need help and where they are excelling.

"With many children across the country in online school, parents need a way to integrate this new paradigm of online learning into their family routines," said Priya Rajendran, CEO and co-founder of S'moresUp. "Now, parents won't have to toggle back and forth between multiple apps to track their kids' entire lives using S'moresUp."

Now boasting a 4.5-star rating on both Android and iOS and growing to 310,000 family members, the family app helps kids learn critical life skills through assigned tasks and chores, does behavior analysis to provide parents with insights around their kid's learning, integrates with the family calendar, creates goal setting through rewards, helps kids form long term habits through advanced data analytics and allows the family to interact with each other from within a safe "walled off" family network.

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