Solar Company Flisom AG Receives Swiss Ambassador's Award for Dynamic Synergies in Business, Research and Development

Flisom AG, a Swiss company developing and manufacturing innovative flexible thin film Cu(InGa)Se2 (CIGS) solar modules, has received the Swiss Ambassador's Award for Dynamic Synergies in Business, Research and Development during an award ceremony at the Swiss Embassy in Delhi, India.

​Thus far, this prestigious award honored Indian personalities for their contribution to Indo-Swiss bilateral relations. Previous awardees include among others, Mr Ratan Tata and the founder and chairman of Wipro Limited, Mr. Azim Premji. However, this year three companies, one of them Flisom AG, enabling innovative solutions have been awarded.

Swiss Ambassador to India Dr. Linus von Castelmur emphasized that the winners of the Award represent the ability of industry to come up with sustainable solutions to everyday challenges and excel in different domains – high tech, innovation with development of sustainable solutions and investment in human capital through skilling.

Dr. Ayodhya Nath Tiwari, Co-founder and Chairman of Flisom AG, who received the award on behalf of the company said, “We are happy to receive the prestigious Swiss Ambassador’s’ Award. We are thankful for this honor recognizing the efforts of Flisom to provide game changer solutions for low-cost solar electricity and CO2 footprint reduction. While, Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, provided R&D support on world record efficiency devices, the valuable contributions of the Tata group and Swiss investors helped immensely in the development of an industrial manufacturing plant designed for cost effective production of high performance modules.”

Dr. Sudheer Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of Flisom, displayed different examples of products based on lightweight flexible solar modules at the event. He said, “There is no such manufacturing plant or capability in Asia or Europe like Flisom’s roll-to-roll manufacturing plant applying innovative and proprietary processes for production of monolithically interconnected solar modules using one-meter-wide foils of few hundred meters of length. Flisom technology will reduce the production cost, and the lightweight flexible solar modules will additionally reduce the balance of system cost thereby reducing the overall cost of fully installed solar photovoltaic systems on buildings and utility scale”, he added.

Ulfert Ruehle, Chief Executive Officer of Flisom said, “This award is a significant recognition of Flisom’s technology and shows the company has the right product to address numerous opportunities, especially in untapped new markets. We are very pleased to receive this important award especially at a time when Flisom is in full speed on its way to commercialization. The award also gives a boost to the highly motivated and enthusiastic employees. We are grateful to our investors and the Swiss and European funding agencies for supporting the developments in Flisom, and we are specially thankful to our R&D partner Empa for their continuous support and excellent know-how during the scaling-up of the innovative technology of high efficiency flexible solar cells."

Information about the winner company Flisom 
Flisom AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has developed innovative lightweight flexible thin film solar modules with low-cost proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing technology and processes. Researchers at Flisom's most important and close R&D partner Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, achieved world record efficiency of 20.4% for solar cells on plastic film. Flisom has established a 15 MW production capacity plant and is currently ramping-up the production for entering into the commercialization phase. Different from the commonly used heavy and rigid silicon wafer modules, Flisom’s lightweight solar modules are especially suitable for buildings (residential, commercial, industrial) in urban and rural locations around the world, roof-top and ground mount utility scale installations, tents, transportation (railways and automobiles), portable power for emergency response and space applications.


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Flisom's goal is to produce and market flexible solar modules based on CIGS photovoltaic technologies.

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