Spacer Technologies Launches Scoop Commute Carpooling App Following New Acquisition

Spacer acquires the commute assets from Scoop Technologies and renames it Scoop Commute to expand mobility services and make carpooling convenient and lower pollution levels

Scoop Commute innovative carpooling platform

Spacer Technologies (Spacer), a leader in optimizing asset usage and minimizing waste, announces the acquisition of Scoop Technologies' commute assets, which will now operate under the new name Scoop Commute. This innovative carpooling platform connects drivers and riders, enabling coworkers and neighbors heading in the same direction to share rides. The acquisition underscores Spacer’s commitment to expanding its mobility services for individuals and large enterprises across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The app helps users save money, reduce congestion, and lower pollution levels. Additionally, many users report that carpooling fosters a more positive commute experience and strengthens relationships with colleagues.

Users have praised the app for its intuitive interface, built-in safety features, and extensive service offering. Since its launch in 2014, the app has facilitated over 10 million trips, leading to savings of nearly 3.5 million gallons of fuel. Moreover, the platform collaborates with enterprise partners to provide financial incentives to employees who carpool, thereby reducing emissions and advancing sustainability initiatives, while improving the overall commute experience.

This expansion reflects Spacer’s ongoing dedication to offering innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of commuters in today’s dynamic transportation environment.

Founder and CEO Michael Rosenbaum of Spacer Technologies, expressed excitement about welcoming Scoop Commute into the Spacer family, stating, “We are big believers in technologies that enhance efficiencies and improve lives and Scoop’s carpooling platform exemplifies this.”

Jeremy Zuker, founder of WhereiPark, acquired by Spacer in 2022, will spearhead the new business unit. With a strong track record in mobility innovation and leadership, Zuker is poised to drive Scoop Commute's growth. He emphasizes, "Scoop Technologies has developed an impressive product that significantly reduces congestion and pollution, while enhancing daily commutes for millions. We look forward to scaling this impact in the years ahead."

By 2025, approximately 45 million vehicles worldwide are expected to participate in carpooling programs*.

Rob Sadow, Co-Founder & CEO of Scoop Technologies, comments, "Spacer Technologies has deep expertise in supporting both enterprises and commuters with innovative strategies to help with the commute. We’re excited for Spacer to accelerate that journey with Scoop Commute.” 

You can download the new Scoop Commute app from the App Store or Google Play Store to start experiencing the benefits of this innovative carpooling solution.

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Source: Spacer Technologies


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