Spherical | Analytics Partners Again With Environmental Defense Fund to Launch the New Mexico Oil and Gas Data Platform

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Spherical | Analytics (S|A) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have again partnered for the next phase of the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) Portal. The same tools, methods, and analytics applied to the first phase in Pennsylvania have been applied to New Mexico and the shale oil and frack gas operations in the Permian and San Juan Basins.

S|A’s Immutably™ for the Climate Trust Platform once again serves as the backbone for the next phase of the EDI, using all-source ingestion, cryptographic proofing services, network graph analytics, machine learning, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies to lend greater levels of granular insight into frack gas and shale oil operations in New Mexico. The platform will monitor methane emissions, site infrastructure classification, revenue generation, and production information across the state.

Immutably™ for Climate provides transparency and analytics, supported by blockchain technology, to describe and predict environmental and climate impact at the most granular level possible. The platform ensures the authenticity and veracity of the data it ingests, provides trusted provenance for any data, and ensures the reliable discovery, use, and sharing of these important climate and environmental data sets. Using Proofworks™ attestation tools and Scrivener™ blockchain technology, S|A can simultaneously safeguard and share data, analytics, and findings while continuing to ensure its provenance and immutability. 

Launched in early 2018, the EDF Environmental Data Initiative produced verifiable models of total methane emissions, presented operational alternatives to mitigate emissions and projected impacts on emissions. The EDI is a custom platform intended to allow EDF, its partners and any interested stakeholders to address unreported emissions, enhance emissions accounting and modeling, and evaluate combinations of regulatory and energy operations changes.

The Phase II expansion to New Mexico produces similar reports and insights to the Pennsylvania platform.

S|A’s goal remains the ingestion of all relevant environmental data for North America in order to build a complete, verifiable, and immutable aggregation of data, analytics, and models for the continent’s grand environmental and climate challenges. With deep and rich analytical modeling already applied to North Dakota in previous work and Pennsylvania in the first phase of the EDI, S|A now adds New Mexico to the collection of monitored states.  

“We at S|A are very excited about the launch of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Data Platform. This strategic partnership between EDF and S|A continues to drive real intelligence and real action towards major emissions reduction goals. We won’t stop until we have all methane emissions from oil and gas operations monitored. We look forward to continued work with our partners and expanding our scope,” stated Dan Harple, CEO of Spherical | Analytics.

S|A and EDF will continue to partner for the development of future programs and projects intended to model all of North America in an effort to enable partners with the best possible information.

Visit the New Mexico Oil and Gas Data portal at https://www.edf.org/nm-oil-gas/.

To learn more about Immutably™ for Climate, S|A, the EDI, or any of our partners, visit us at www.sphericalanalytics.io.

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