SportsGrid Radio Technology Platform Powers San Diego's Mightier 1090 AM

SportsGrid Radio Network announced today an agreement to power the relaunch of San Diego’s Mightier XEPRS 1090 AM radio station using their advanced cloud-based automation and live production tools. The SportsGrid technology platform integrates a suite of automated live production tools and monitoring software utilizing a cloud-based virtual infrastructure. SportsGrid’s Radio production services will stream the Mightier 1090 audio feed through a low-latency IP connection from the cloud to the station’s transmitter, broadcasting the powerful signal to hundreds of thousands of listeners in Southern California.

“I’ve listened to the people, and the dream of bringing The Mighty 1090 AM back to Southern California has now become a reality,” said XEPRS station operator Bill Hagen. “The legendary tradition is back in a Mightier fashion, allowing for carefully thought out, desired programming to once again serve the Southern California region,” Hagen proclaimed.

“The SportsGrid Radio team is thrilled to be an integral part of the relaunch of this iconic Southern California 50,000 watt clear-channel station,” said SportsGrid  VP of Radio, Michael Cardano. “The insightful, technological outlook and leadership of Bill Hagen, combined with the familiar voice and local market understanding of Scott Kaplan, will undoubtedly allow San Diego’s renowned 1090 AM to regain its prominent position in the So-Cal marketplace,” Cardano added.

About SportsGrid Radio Network

SportsGrid Radio is a syndicated audio network producing exclusive original programming with extensive sports, daily fantasy, and gaming coverage of major sports leagues and special events. SportsGrid statistics and data is sourced from Sportradar, providing listeners with insightful player and team news, data, odds, statistics, and betting intelligence across the programming on the schedule. SportsGrid is the multimedia destination serving the massive sports wagering audience with the unrivaled best of breed talent, programming, data, and expert analysis.

About XEPRS The Mightier 1090 AM​

About The Mightier 1090 AM – The Mightier 1090 has one of the most powerful radio station signals in North America with almost 80 years of radio broadcasting history. The 1090 AM station’s signal covers a population of over 24,000,000 people up from the Baja to San Diego to Orange County to Los Angeles and all into the Central Coast. The 1090 AM station is planning to be back “on-air” this summer.

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