Startup Launch of, $1.9M Pre-Seed for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Technology Platform

Pioneering the DEI tech market, Included is demonstrating rapid customer acquisition using AI to unlock speed to data on diversity, delivering sophisticated insights to help companies make strategic decisions about their employee recruitment and retention programs.

In short: Today's HR Tech cannot fulfill the demand for DEI data-based solutions. To solve the DEI tech shortage, Included has raised $1.9M in pre-seed funding from FlyingFish, SignalFire, and Ascend.

Raghu Gollamudi, CEO & Co-founder of Included, is mission-driven to create better workplaces globally. Gollamudi believes DEI isn't a tax, PR issue, or feel-good checkbox - but an opportunity to build better and more people-first businesses everywhere.

"Our first customers were amazed when we surfaced significant demographic trends in their people data that even their executives did not know about," says Chandan Golla, co-founder and Chief Product Officer. "That's our priority - delivering actionable data on DEI to each customer."

"I am so confident we made the right decision choosing Included. The data-driven, metrics-first approach to DEI goal setting and measurement perfectly match our commitment to DEI progress," says Mary Miller VP of People at Amperity.

Features and benefits of the Included platform involve: 

  • 99% faster DEI reporting. Included eliminates data prep and analysis, saving hours for your team per year.
  • 19% increase in diverse candidates at top of the hiring funnel. Included allows you to optimize your sourcing spend by URM, without increasing costs.
  • 1.5x increase in hiring of diverse candidates - detect and resolve inclusive hiring process gaps with Included's AI-driven funnel insights.
  • 1/3 the cost of one employee - Included delivers automated DEI data and trend insights at a fraction of the cost.

"Data collection methods were designed at a time and place when it was considered unimportant to tell the diversity story of our workforces. The world has changed and now the demand for this capability is high, which is really encouraging," says Laura Close, Co-Founder of Included. "However, existing technology makes obtaining data incredibly difficult, which is why we've created a solution that gives you instant, beautiful reports and insights."

Included's platform is available for demos now. For more information on Included, visit

About Included: Included gives companies the information they need to create data-driven hiring, promotion and retention strategies that drive progress on diversity, equity and inclusion. Founded by data privacy and DEI experts and using the latest AI technology, Included is able to identify specific areas where businesses can take further action to remove any potential roadblock from accomplishing their strategic goals. This is the first technology of its kind to analyze millions of scenarios across intersectional people demographics, per stage of the employee lifecycle, by department, professional level, geographic location, against DEI operational practices, equity in longevity, pay, promotion and much more within each company's own people data set and instantly deliver clear reporting and steps for action. 

CONTACT: Laura Close (text preferred)

[email protected]

(206) 697-1691

Source: Included AI


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