STOGO Answers the Call for Fully Sustainable PPE That Helps Keep People and the Environment Safer

STOGO All-Day Glove

2020 was expected to be the year the public’s dependence on single-use plastics would start to reverse. COVID-19 had other plans. Just as new laws took effect banning plastic bags, the need for plastic-derived personal protection equipment (PPE) skyrocketed. But as an entrepreneurial-minded New York City couple walked the PPE-strewn streets of their neighborhood, they knew there had to be a way to stay the course on plastic reduction while ensuring high-quality protective gloves were readily available. This week, their start-up, STOGO, opened the doors to such a solution with the pre-launch of the first fully sustainable, reusable, antimicrobial gloves available on the market. Pre-orders will begin shipping in August.

STOGO is shorthand for “safe to go” and its founders are experienced in sustainable materials procurement and packaging, health and wellness, and tech. Its gloves feature ViralOff® Polygiene technology, which is proven to reduce 99 percent of germs and bacteria in less than two hours and been tested against Influenza A, Bird Flu, Norovirus and Coronavirus (SARS). Polygiene also kills odor-causing bacteria, making it popular for use by major companies like Patagonia and Adidas. STOGO gloves only need to be washed after every 10 uses. Most notably, its gloves are made from recycled materials, printed on recycled paper, and shipped in eco-friendly polybags. Something they say no other business can currently claim.

“We couldn’t stand by and watch plastic waste explode after so much progress has been made in raising awareness of the need for reduced use. This pandemic has wreaked enough havoc. STOGO is one way we are limiting its reach in the environment while making sure people are still well-protected,” explained Jennifer Tse, co-founder, STOGO.

Central to the STOGO business model was ensuring the product was accessible to the general population by bucking the trend of high cost sustainable goods. They instead priced the product at $19.99 as compared to some competitors’ pricing of up to $50. Practicality is also incorporated to the product design, which boasts moisture-wicking material and conductive thumb and index fingertip so wearers’ can safely access their phones, touchpads in grocery stores, ATM screens and other high-touch surfaces.

STOGO gloves are available in sizes XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL with masks in development. First purchases are eligible for a 10 percent discount and shipping is always free. Watch STOGO in action on YouTube, or go to, @mystogo on Instagram, and @shopmystogo on Facebook for more information.

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