Stuzo Commits to Delivering Outsized Business Outcomes for Its Retail Partners

Guarantees 1.5X Increase in Loyalty/Payments Program Performance

Stuzo Commits to Delivering Outsized Business Outcomes  for its Retail Partners

 Stuzo, the leading provider of intelligent 1:1 loyalty, contactless commerce, and cross-channel customer experience solutions for convenience and fuel retailers, announced today its commitment to delivering outsized business outcomes for its retail partners. 

Stuzo now offers a 1.5X Performance Guarantee for retailers that make the switch from their current loyalty/payments technology supplier to Stuzo. The money-back guarantee covers: 

  • A 1.5X lift in the number of enrolled members
  • A 1.5X lift in the number of transactions generated

The 1.5X performance baseline is available to new Stuzo customers and is empowered by Stuzo's Wallet Steering™ System, which includes Stuzo's Open Commerce® product suite, Stuzo's Know & Activate Method, and Stuzo's Program Management Services. 

"We are positioning Stuzo as the company that competes and focuses the most on tangible business outcomes," said Gunter Pfau, Founder & CEO, Stuzo. "Our Wallet Steering System has proven to perform and generate meaningful business outcomes at scale. Given our confidence in delivering an incremental 1.5X lift in enrolled program members and transaction volume for our retail partners, we're putting our money where our mouth is and are offering a performance guarantee. Moreover, we believe our approach will further align us with operators that think similarly about prioritizing customer experiences that drive business outcomes over having the longest list of shiny new product features."

As an example of the level of performance Stuzo delivers, a retailer after having made the switch to Stuzo recently announced that its number of active rewards program members went up 243% and transactions per day went up 80%.

Stuzo's journey to build its Wallet Steering System - the basis for its 1.5X Performance Guarantee - has been four years in the making. It began with Stuzo's release of its Open Commerce Transact product for digital payments, accelerated in 2019 when Stuzo acquired Hatch Loyalty and launched its Open Commerce Activate product for intelligent 1:1 loyalty and was solidified in 2021 with the launch of its Open Commerce Experience product for cross-channel customer engagement. 

Stuzo's mission - to unlock maximum value for retailers by activating data from its unified loyalty, payments, and customer experience technology - was supercharged in May 2021 when Stuzo received a strategic investment from Longshore Capital Partners.

"The battle for share of wallet is more fierce now than ever," said Aaron McLean, Chief Marketing Officer, Stuzo. "Retailers are facing greater competition from across categories, such as grocery, dollar, and restaurant/QSR. To win the battle for share of wallet, Stuzo believes it is critical for retailers to set more aggressive goals and have technology partners that contractually guarantee performance against those goals." 

For more information on Stuzo's 1.5X Performance Guarantee, visit here.


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About Stuzo and Open Commerce®

Stuzo helps Convenience & Fuel Retailers Know and Activate™ more customers and data in real-time, leading to more visits, more gallons, and bigger baskets. Stuzo's Open Commerce product suite consists of: Activate for Intelligent 1:1 Loyalty, Transact for Contactless Commerce, and Experience for Cross-Channel Customer Experience programs. Stuzo's managed software services empower retailers to operationalize programs powered by Open Commerce and bring to market custom loyalty, commerce, and mobile/web storefront solutions.

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Stuzo helps Everyday Spend Retailers Know and Activate™ more customers and data in real-time, leading to more visits, more gallons, and bigger baskets.