Syndesy Technologies SynTRAC™ PL1-202 Cellular Socket Modem Certified on AT&T®

Syndesy Technologies, Inc. SynTRAC™ PL1-202

​​​​Syndesy Technologies, Inc., a U.S.-based product and engineering firm focused on Internet Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that their socket modem SynTRAC™ PL1-202 has been certified for use on AT&T’s network. The SynTRAC™ product line was entirely developed and is manufactured in the USA, using Swiss positioning and cellular technology from u-blox®, free of tariffs and with the added security. SynTRAC™ PL1-202 is the LTE Cat 1 variant of the SynTRAC™ PL connectivity family. The SynTRAC™ PL1-202 is in stock and available to order at

The SynTRAC™ PL1-202 is a small, ruggedized board complete with antennas and required certifications. Designed to enable solution providers, OEMs, and others to harness the potential of the IoT, the SynTRAC™ PL1-202 is a complete, AT&T®-certified edge device, with cellular connectivity and fully integrated antenna systems. Multi-GNSS functionality supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, as well as QZSS in parallel. The SynTRAC™ PL1-202 supports a wide range of applications, including tracking and location, connectivity for sensors, digital signage, instrumentation, video streaming, teleconferencing, and other applications that require wireless connectivity.

“The explosion in IoT is leaving many businesses in a rush to transform their existing products into connected devices, an essential requirement for virtually any area of personal and corporate life. The problem companies are facing is that this transition requires technical expertise most of them do not have. This is where Syndesy comes in,” says Bill Molesworth, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Syndesy.

He continues: “We have designed the SynTRAC™ product family to be compact, reliable and economical while delivering exceptional performance. This makes it easy for engineers and developers to quickly and affordably get their products online, compared with custom products requiring years of development work and large budgets.”

About Syndesy Technologies:  Located in Ashburn, Virginia, Syndesy Technologies, Inc., was founded by a team of dynamic engineers, designers, and industry leaders in IoT, with a combined industry experience of over 100 years. Syndesy addresses the overwhelming need for enterprises of all sizes to connect their products to the Internet of Things using the latest wireless technologies and standards. Syndesy produces finished products; FCC-, IC- and carrier-certified boards; and modular add-on boards which help enterprise and engineering customers turn their products into connected devices, ready for the Internet of Things (IoT). Syndesy's products are designed and manufactured exclusively within the United States. 

™ SynTRAC is a trademark of Syndesy Technologies, Inc.

® AT&T and u-blox are registered trademarks of the respective companies.  Neither AT&T nor u-blox are sponsoring, endorsing, or affiliated with Syndesy or the content of this press release.

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Bill Molesworth
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