The Amazing Colin Matthew Yu Allen - Autistic Superhero

Special needs child with a vision and a heart for the people

News source Executive 1 Media Group, a California award-winning advertising agency and public relations firm, while interviewing Dr. Connie Yu Allen during the 2021 four-city annual turkey giveaway, noticed her 8-year-old son made a point to either hug or shake the hand of every disabled person who entered the event. When questioning Dr. Connie Yu about her son's behavior, she explained this is his regular interaction with the disabled community.

The future leader takes pride in serving the community with his parents, Dr. Eugene Allen and Dr. Connie Yu Allen, owners of Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care. Unlike most kids his age, in his public life, Colin is seen handing out essentials to the homeless or passing out food and clothing during each holiday. During the 2021 Compton Breast Cancer Awareness event, young Colin can be seen passing out literature and making sure the hundreds of attendees received the much-needed information concerning breast cancer awareness. His compassion for giving signaled to his parents early on that his community held a special place in his heart.

The young leader believes in prep. His parents describe him as the glue - when his parents prepare for an event, Colin is making sure everything is in order for the big day. His mother, Dr. Connie Yu Allen, describes him as "the worker-bee with his own purpose of 'I'll help.'" All with a smile that can light up any room.

During the onset of the pandemic, his father, Dr. Eugene Allen, was preparing for a massive food distribution and medical program for those who were under quarantine. While most Americans were faced with the new reality of being on lockdown and transitioning to video conferencing for school and work, young Colin and his siblings were ready for action. He personally took inventory of all the disinfectant products, masks and other essentials to be handed out. After realizing they did not have enough supplies, he ran to his piggy bank, then handed it to his father. The next day, with his cash in hand, leading his father towards the supplies, Dr. Allen told his son, "Don't worry, I will pay for this."

However, Colin noticed a woman in line that was short on cash for her groceries. Joyfully ready to help, he reached into his pocket and handed the cashier ten dollars. Everyone was in shock, his father nodded yes to the cashier. This is another example of the daily way Colin exercises his love for helping those in his community.

On another occasion, during a turkey giveaway at 7 years old, Colin noticed a family that needed more supplies than they were given. Getting his mother's attention, she noticed they had clothes in the car and were possibly homeless. Colin's persuasion and influence helped them get the family the help they desperately needed.

His determination to help give back overshadows his disability. Colin's mission shows that anyone can play a part in helping others. He recently gave away an adaptive bike to a local neighborhood preschool for disabled kids unable to move their arms and legs. His humanity and compassion is creating a path to leadership.

Young Colin is not the normal 8-year-old; he is a visionary and leader. Though you will find him at home watching television and having fun with his siblings, in the back of his mind, he's always looking for ways to improve on the family business of giving. Colin's desire is to help children with disabilities; his parents plan to open a charity fund so young Colin has the foundation to fulfill his purpose.

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