The Attack Against Democracy in the American Continents

Brazilian Political Activist Luiz Philippe Braganca informs President Trump about left-wing activities in the American continents

​The Pan-American Prosperity Institute (PPI) is a non-profit organization that seeks to foster a closer relationship among countries in the American continent. With this intent, PPI would like to publish a letter from Mr. Luiz Philippe Braganca informing US President Trump about the dire conditions Brazil is currently facing.

Mr. Braganca is a Brazilian citizen-elected Congressmen to the Brazilian House of Representatives. He holds a master’s degree in political science from Stanford University.

To: Mr. President Trump, Senator Marco Rubio and US citizens:

It is with concern that this letter is published regarding the unprecedented political challenges that many free nations are facing at this moment in history. The forces that seek to subvert the social and political order are the same in every western democratic country. Should anyone doubt this danger, history is unequivocal regarding the certainty of the outcome, from Bolshevik Russia to Chavez’s Venezuela, the list is long. But even lesser-known examples, such as Brazil, should serve as a stark reminder of the cloaked threats posed by the modern left, and why educated observers throughout the world quietly pray that America rejects their false narrative.

The Brazilian 2018 general elections ushered in a new popular conservative government in opposition to the social, political and economic failure of progressive/socialist policies, and accompanying widespread corruption scandals that dominated Brazil for the previous 30 years. However, the transition to the new political agenda has been challenging.

Brazilian government suffers constant overreach from an activist far-left judiciary bent on impeding the advancement of the duly-elected government’s agenda. And, unfortunately, unlike in the USA, Brazil’s constitution does not protect the executive or legislative branches from this abuse of power. Brazil’s current body of judicial ministers is predominantly socialist. Most of them were nominated by past left-wing presidents.

Unchecked, the Brazilian judiciary has abused its power by interpreting laws so broadly as to defy our written constitution. A chilling example of this judicial abuse of power is the recent rash of illegal searches, seizures and arrests conducted by direct order of the judiciary, without cause or due process, against various conservative members of congress, political activists and journalists. The elected government can do little to protect citizens against these actions as the federal police, by law, are required to obey orders from the judiciary even if they have been issued without appropriate checks and balances. 

Much of what the socialist movement in America demands, we in Brazil have been suffering under for decades. Regardless of the nirvana that is promised, the resulting reality is corruption, high taxes, inefficient public services, restrictions on individual rights, economic instability and the creation of bureaucratic elites that concentrate power and resources, making it almost impossible to rid of their abuse once in power.

May this letter heighten the awareness of US citizens as to what is at stake. The United States’ Constitution is a blessing to its citizens allowing them to stand free and protected from the tyranny of any sort of government overreach. Americans successfully defending against these challenges will inspire citizens around the world to continue to hope that one day they might achieve the same for themselves.

Respectfully, a concerned Brazilian Citizen,

Luiz Philippe Braganca

Source: Pan-American Prosperity Institute


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