The Company Has Solved Global Warming. Financing Start Up

The Company has solved Global Warming.

The Company solved Global Warming.   The International Global Warming Cessation and Control Plant, Inc. will return ALL existing estimated levels for ALL existing Chemical Pollutants in the Earth's Atmosphere back from existing conditions to - Ideal Conditions of Pre-Industrial Revolution Quality for ALL Chemical Pollutants in the Earth's Atmosphere within 15 years - maintain Ideal Conditions for the Earth's Atmosphere - forever - and repair the OZONE LAYER.     The existing Destructive Capacity of Air Pollution is much, much more than current Experts are projecting.  Current Experts have based their conclusions on Carbon Dioxide emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere assuming that Air Pollution emissions will continue to accumulate consistently which is far from the existing Truth for Air Pollution.The Destructive Capacity of Nitrous Oxides are 300 times more powerful than Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Earth's Atmosphere attributed to Air Pollution.  The Nitrous Oxide molecule exists in the Earth's Atmosphere for over 100 years and erodes the OZONE LAYER.   Nitrous Oxide Emissions will continue to accumulate at its annul capacity for over the next 100 years.Over 3,00,000 annual premature deaths are attributed to external Air Pollution.  660,000 annual premature deaths are directly attributed to the use of synthetic fertilizers by Global Agribusiness to fertilize their crops.The entire population of the Earth will not survive beyond the next 100 years.  THE GOOD NEWS IS - THE COMPANY HAS SOLVED THE PROBLEM.This is  not a Company that WANTS to go into Business.  This is a Company that MUST go into Business - for the survival of MANKIND.The Company is currently FINANCING our START UP with a Crowd Funding Campaign.  To view further Details of the Company's  Project and The Company's Crowd Funding Site - SEARCH the URL - inquiries can be made to  the Company e-mail address - corbettfin@hotmail,com

The Company has solved Global Warming.

Bruce Corbett, Chief Financial Officer


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The Company has solved Global warming. The International Global warming Cessation and Control Plant, Inc. will achieve Ideal Conditions for the Earth's Atmosphere within 15 years.

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