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Press Release - January 25, 2019 7:00AM EST

The First Ever Doritos Towel Bag by Strauss Frito Lay

The First Ever Doritos Towel Bag by Strauss Frito Lay

Strauss Frito Lay launches a unique Towel Bag that puts an end to 'Dorito Fingers'

This humorous product from Strauss Frito Lay comes with a hint of self-awareness, and proves that even the smallest, simplest problems are worthy of a brilliant solution.

This is an issue we’re all familiar with: when eating Doritos, our hands get completely covered with stubborn Doritos crumbs - a condition widely known as ‘Dorito Fingers.’ The most common ways to deal with ‘Dorito Fingers’ are wiping them dirty hands on various items, mostly jeans or couches.

Thankfully, Strauss Frito Lay found the perfect solution for this very serious problem:

Introducing - The first ever Doritos Towel Bag!

The Doritos Towel Bag is made out of 100% terry towel cloth. It’s machine-washable, making it reusable and sustainable. The Towel Bag doesn’t replace the regular Doritos bag, but serves as a unique pouch that suits Doritos bags of various sizes.

To sum it up - It’s the problem and the solution, packed together in a neat little Towel Bag.

Since this issue is widely common in the gamers community, Strauss Frito Lay has collaborated with BUG, the largest gaming retailer in Israel, for a limited early launch of the Doritos Towel Bag, which sold out in less than 24 hours. The campaign heavily targeted the Israeli gaming community and also included a collaboration with leading Israeli gaming YouTubers.

The idea, creative and design are by the Tel-Aviv based creative & innovation agency Gefen Team, which specialize in innovative packaging, special editions and storytelling through packaging - how to tell a brand’s story using the product itself, For clients such as SodaStream, Microsoft,, LG, and of course, Doritos.

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