The Neutrino Energy Group Transcends the Theoretical to Transform Practical Energy Use Worldwide

The Neutrino Energy Group, founded in Germany by energy visionary Holger Thorsten Schubart, is like a stealth bomber. Flying out of reach of conventional detection equipment, the Neutrino Energy Group draws inexorably closer to the core of our conventional understanding of electrical energy generation.

​​​​The greatest scientific discoveries upwell from the depths of the collective unconscious to captivate the imaginations of an era's most prominent visionaries. This phenomenon appeared in full force in 2015 when, on opposite sides of the world, Japanese researcher Takaaki Kajita and Canadian physicist Arthur McDonald simultaneously, yet independently, discovered that neutrinos have mass.

Long considered to be nothing more than ethereal "ghost particles," neutrinos were thus proven to have real, physical existence within the universe. And, as anyone who has ever pondered "E=mc2" knows well, anything that has mass also has energy. Over the last few years, an often overlooked yet absolutely critical team of researchers have been unraveling the secrets of neutrino mass to transform these seemingly insubstantial particles into viable sources of electrical energy.

A Massive Payload Is Flying Under the Radar

Much as a solar cell captures photons from the sun and converts them into electricity, the world's first neutrinovoltaic energy generators, which have been proven to work in lab settings, turn neutrinos into electrical power. Carrying this immense secret that has yet to set the world's imagination alight, the Neutrino Energy Group continues to bring us toward an almost unimaginable future of hope and light.

The Neutrino Energy Group Has Assembled to Engineer the First Otherworldly Electrical Power Generators

Featuring the greatest minds of our generation, the Neutrino Energy Group is an international consortium of scientists and engineers dedicated to sharing the secrets of neutrinovoltaics with all humanity. The first step will be to operate low-load devices like smartphones with neutrino power, but the Neutrino Energy Group is confident that this technology will increase in output at an unprecedentedly rapid rate.

"He who is ignorant of the truth is merely a fool; he who knows it and calls it a lie is a criminal"

As long as the sun shines in the sky, one truth will remain: Neutrinos will continue to flow over the Earth in their uncounted trillions during every second. As long as stars pierce the night, the sun's neutrino emissions will be supplemented by ghostly messengers from other solar systems and galaxies.

The truth of neutrino power is as eternal as the light that fills the skies. Regardless of how long the world looks the other way in its relentless pursuit of fossil fuels, the potential of neutrinovoltaic energy will remain. Now, it's our responsibility to deliver the promise of neutrino energy unto the weary masses so in need of liberation from the darkness that has pierced its way through our lives.

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NEUTRINO Germany GmbH is a German-American research and development company under the direction of the mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart. The main office is located in Berlin.

Neutrino Deutschland GmbH
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