The Open Questions About OpenTofu Were Answered at a Local DevOps Conference in Tel Aviv

ControlMonkey hosted the first user conference about the new Infrastructure as Code framework - OpenTofu.

OpenTofu Vs. Terraform User Conference

For the first time in Europe, 100 professionals from the local DevOps community gathered at AWS Floor 28 for ControlMonkey’s local conference on OpenTofu.

Last year, shortly after HashiCorp announced changes to their Terraform license, several players in the DevOps community united to create a fork of Terraform called OpenTofu. OpenTofu is an open-source Infrastructure as Code (IaC) framework that is community-driven and managed by the Linux Foundation.

As OpenTofu became generally available last month, the goal of this conference was to provide local members of the DevOps community with knowledge about the new player in the IaC ecosystem.

The main session of the conference was a comprehensive Deep Dive Analysis session, where ControlMonkey CTO & Co-Founder, Ori Yemini, delved into the considerations of choosing between OpenTofu and Terraform, providing attendees with invaluable, both technical and commercial, insights on what questions should they ask themselves before making such a shift.

The OpenTofu vs. Terraform session provided attendees with all the information needed to decide whether their team should shift to OpenTofu or not. On one hand, sticking with a source-available framework like Terraform allows using only Terraform Cloud as the commercial product for ‘Terraform operations’, but on the other hand, shifting to a genuine open-source project, which is backed by the Linux Foundation, allows users to choose from multiple products like ControlMonkey, Env0, Spacelift, etc.

Adding to the depth of the discussion, an Expert Panel featuring top DevOps Leaders in Israel shared their experiences and strategies for managing large-scale cloud environments with Infrastructure-as-Code. Attendees had the unique opportunity to learn firsthand how the largest tech companies in Israel handle Terraform Drifts, reduce friction with R&D teams, and overcome production misconfigurations.

ControlMonkey, an OpenTofu supporter, used the conference platform to spread awareness and educate about the emerging IaC solution and its potential benefits for modern cloud deployments compared to Terraform. Members of the founding team of OpenTofu (from env0) also attended the conference, took part in the discussion, and witnessed the genuine interest the local community had for the new kid in the Infra-as-code block, OpenTofu.

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