The Personal Touch Never Means More Than at the Time of a Loved One's Passing

Fairfield County firm, specialists in estate clean-outs, says one word is key to its 78-year success in helping families cope during times of stress: Communication

A loved one’s passing, even when expected, still brings with it a sense of loss, grieving and a new world without someone special. Among the key inducers of stress is a myriad of decisions involving a loved one’s heirlooms, belongings, and even a home. A local company has been on the front lines with Connecticut residents for generations, helping people clear homes and find items they may not have known even existed. “The majority of people faced with cleaning out a home after a loved one’s passing don’t have the time, nor people power, to do it themselves,” said Glenn Jennings, owner of Connecticut Junk Removal LLC of Fairfield, CT, a company his family started 78 years ago to help serve customers and keep the community clean. “That’s why they call us,” he continued. “Customers may have cleared out cherished personal items, but then they are faced with the need to hire a removal service with the experience to help them finish the job." For Jennings and his crew, all positive engagements start with one thing: Communication.

“The first thing we do is schedule a meeting on-site to personally discuss a customer’s situation, because each situation is unique,” he said. “We take a tour of the home, we take pictures, and with the customer, we assess what needs to be done.” Unlike many others in the industry, Connecticut Junk Removal, LLC offers next-day service and a single price, with no add-on fees, no extra charges, for removing leaky paint cans, bulky mattresses or other unusual items. “Part of our role is to move things, sure,” said Jennings. “But we also do all we can to help minimize stress for our customers at a time when stress can be quite high.”

Not everyone hires Connecticut Junk Removal, LLC for the whole job – often at Jennings’ urging. “Sometimes customers don’t need us for everything or may not be able to afford a whole-house clean-out,” said Jennings, whose services can range from $2,000 to $5,000 and up, depending on the size of the house and items to be cleared. So he will counsel some clients to first reach out to the Salvation Army or another local charity, which can schedule a visit and remove items that may help the people they serve. Another source of help:, which can publicize items available at a minimal cost or even for free, depending on the customer. “If we can counsel each customer on ways to minimize their cost with us, we’re happy to do that,” said Jennings. He said sometimes people welcome the counsel, other times, they want to simply deal with a single vendor to get the work done quickly.

“Our goal is to give people the information they need in a transparent way to enable them to make the best decision for them,” he said. “I’m not here to take advantage of someone at a time of vulnerability.” As with other aspects of his business, Jennings’ work with customers can yield surprising finds that may end up in a subsequent estate sale on the front yard. “One time, we came across a large box in the corner of an attic,” said Jennings. As is the company’s custom, unknown items are brought to a room designated as a “safe zone” for further discussion with family members before removal. It turned out the box was used by the home’s former resident to store a good number of brand new handbags made by Louis Vuitton® and Prada, manufacturers of high-end luxury goods. “We opened the box and the woman’s daughter started to cry,” recalled Jennings. The daughter ended up selling the handbags and using the proceeds to pay for the cleanout and other family needs. Jennings said the role of helping customers identify items of commercial value – not just sentimental value – is a key part of the training he offers his staff.

“We know how to handle every box and bag when it comes to clearing an estate,” he said. “Those items that are questionable immediately go to our identified safe zone for customers to assess. That’s just part of our process.” And when something like the unearthed handbags finds a new owner as a result of his services, that’s a good thing too. “We’re pleased when a customer can find items that may not hold sentimental value for them but that can be valued by someone else going forward,” he said.

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