The Swap to Fantasy Gold Coin Has Arrived and the Project Has Hit the Ground Running on Their Way to Mainstream Adoption

Fantasy Gold Coin

The swap from DFScoin to Fantasy Gold is officially upon us but what this project is accomplishing is downright amazing. Fantasy Gold has been much anticipated for some time and is expected to be the new standard for payment processing in both the Fantasy Sports industry and the massively growing Esports Industry.

Fantasy Gold (FGC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency serving the $7 billion Fantasy Sports and the $1.5 billion Esports industries in both the B2B and B2C spaces. Fantasy Gold acts as in-game currency used to enter contests and pay prizes as well as a payment processing network.

Fantasy Gold uses a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm with Masternodes implemented offering both PrivateSend and InstantSend to enable fast transactions with a healthy 80 percent block reward for Masternodes to promote strong network security.


Specification Descriptor
Ticker FGC
Algorithm NIST5
RPC Port 57804
P2P Port 57806
Block Spacing 90 Seconds
Difficulty Algorithm Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
Block Size 1MB
Mined/Minted Maturity 67 Blocks (~100 Minutes)
Confirmation 6 Blocks (~9 Minutes)
Circulation (1 Year) 17,138,612 FGC
Circulation (5 Years) 21,000,000 FGC
Block Rewards 20% PoS / 80% MN
Protocol Support IPV4, IPV6, TOR
PoS Blackcoin v3.0 PoS

Fantasy Gold introduces, the first cryptocurrency to not only host its own regular live Esports tournaments monthly in a brick-and-mortar arena in Las Vegas but also to bring together some of the world's top Esports players to compete for huge cash and crypto prizes several times monthly. The events will be streamed to hundreds of thousands of people and aims to change the scene of Esports forever. This is a huge step toward mainstream adoption and is sure to have a huge impact on the Esports industry in a very big way.  

Fantasy Gold is officially being swapped out now and as of this writing, the swap should be complete within a day or two days. The swap is being facilitated by and is automatic. Immediately following the swap, Fantasy Gold will be listed on at least one new exchange and members of the team will be heading out to Vegas to participate as the Title Sponsor at the LVL UP EXPO, one of the biggest esports and gaming conventions of the year. Fantasy Gold is on track to completely change how anyone plays Fantasy Sports or Esports. Fantasy Gold will climb listings quickly considering DFScoin, the original coin of the project, has steadily climbed over the past month on and is up just under 50 percent on the week. Things are set to move quickly for the Fantasy Gold Coin - the potential is massive.

Join our discord community for more up-to-date info or to talk to a member of the team personally. Fantasy Gold Discord:

FantasyGold Corp



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