theboardiQ Hall of Fame LatinX | Hispanic Top 100 Exceptional Leaders

Top 100 Board-Ready and Next-Generation LatinX | Hispanic Exceptional Leaders making an impact at the intersectionality of inclusion, sustainability, transformation, technology and innovation.

Top 100 LatinX | Hispanic Exceptional Leaders

theboardiQ today released the Hall of Fame Top 100 LatinX | Hispanic Exceptional Leaders, identifying board-ready and next-generation leaders, making an impact at the intersectionality of

  1. Inclusion - Gender | Person of Color | Race & Ethnicity | Sexual Orientation | Country of Origin | Differently Abled
  2. Sustainability - Significant Impact on UN's 17 SDGs and support Zero Emission Goals' Metrics
  3. Transformation - Business Resiliency during the Pandemic
  4. Technology Innovation - Demonstrated ability in bringing new ideas, technology, products and platforms to market with business success.

"The Research Team at theboardiQ identified 100 stellar individuals that are at three stages of maturity for board roles," says Smitashree Menon, Founder & CEO at theboardiQ. "CXOs, CTOs, VPs, EVPs, CIOs, CISOs, CFOs, startup CEOs who are seasoned and board ready. Then there are subject matter experts - exemplars in their own fields, domain experts, doctors, academicians, inventors who need to get some more exposure with shadow board roles and immersive experiences before assuming board responsibilities. And the third category are those individuals making a social impact - be it in the areas of sustainability, human rights, geopolitical influence and government relations, influencing policy and legislation that impact our daily lives. Latinos in the US are the largest racial or ethnic group at 58 million or 18% of the US Population. They command 2.3T of the GDP, driving growth in mass consumer technology, and yet have only 2.2% Representation on Russell 3000 Public Boards. Fortune 1000 companies that do not have a Latino on their board are at a staggering 76.8%. There is a need to be able to showcase as well as groom the next generation of Board Ready Leaders."

Since releasing the Inaugural Edition end of 2020, profiling 300 stellar executives including 144 women, as well as LGBTQ+ | race | ethnicity | people of color | country of origin | differently abled | veterans | multi-generational slates of Inclusion, theboardiQ Hall of Fame has harnessed 400+ Publications, 24+ Official Corporate Communication Releases | 10000+ LinkedIn Likes | 500,000+ views | Millions of Impressions | 250+ Tweets and Retweets

Testimonials from the honorees have been instrumental in lending credibility and immense initial brand confidence with theboardiQ.


About theboardiQ - theboardiQ is an early-stage startup, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, that aims to tap into the $25 billion global market opportunity to help public and private boards be compliant with gender and inclusion representation legislation, by reducing unconscious and algorithmic bias in the accurate search, discovery, match, selection and onboarding of executives at greater than 50% increased efficiencies in hiring costs and faster cycle times. The platform will enable better business performance with intelligent actionable insights.

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