Tom DuFore , A Unique Solo Artist With A Dynamic And Meaningful Sound!

By the age of 15, it was clear that musician Tom DuFore possessed a great deal of performing talent. Having been a part of countless choirs and organizations, the vocalist has appeared on a variety of shows and soundtracks. Offering his own unique st

Music has always been a large part of Tom Dufore's life. His music career began at a young age when he was part of a church choir. Since his beginnings, he has excelled in the areas of singing, songwriting, and performing arts. Ever improving his skills, DuFore has been a part of music programs including various music programs at the high school, colligate, and professional level. After appearing in a variety of specials and programs, DuFore released his latest album "I Wanna Tell You" in December 2008.

Some of his achievements include being a performer in a choir for Linda Eder at her Christmas concert at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. He was also a choir member for Howard Shore's "The Lord of the Rings Symphony" at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. DuFore was also featured on the NBC Channel 5 Chicago's Easter Special "A Different Drummer" with the Elmhust College Choir. Most recently, he sang in the "Final Fantasy Chorus" at their Chicago performance. Having contributed to different titles of video games, DuFore has been a part of The Mindgate Conspiracy, a game developed by Midway Games, and Distant Worlds II: More Music from Final Fantasy was released in Spring 2010.

Offering his own unique acoustic style on piano and guitar, DuFore offered his latest solo album "I Wanna Tell You" to listeners in December 2008. The album offers a glimpse of his deep talent and ability as a singer and songwriter. Produced using ProTools and Logix, "I Wanna Tell You" gives listeners a brand of indie folk/rock that incorporates a variety of influences and a rich music background. Furthering his music career, DuFore is currently recording some singles, and working on a new album in collaboration with John Szymanski.

Known for fabulous arrangements and melodies, DuFore's music is captivating and full of melodic hooks and brilliantly arranged harmonies. Creating an incredibly well-balanced album, DuFore showcases his extensive music knowledge through this debut album. "I Wanna Tell You" is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. For more information on Tom DuFore, his latest work, and his history in the music industry check out his website at


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