TravelCompute Powers Business Travel Solution for SMEs in Malaysia

TravelCompute's one-stop travel technology platform has been chosen by one of the top travel agencies in Malaysia to power its small and medium enterprise (SME) market. 

Sri Sutra Travel, Malaysia’s top travel agency has chosen TravelCompute to power its solution for SMEs in Malaysia, namely SMEBizTravel, an all-encompassing, innovative and user-friendly business travel solution tailored for SMEs.

The solution allows users to search and book flights, accommodation, transfers and many other products that can accommodate their budget, preferences and needs. This enables SMEs to maximize their level of efficiency when they are traveling on a business trip.

Tabraiz Feham, Director of Product Development at TravelCompute, added, "TravelCompute has enabled Sutra to offer a solution for the SME market in a very short span of time that comes with just the right ingredients, coupled with comprehensive supplier integrations and rich content, all based on a cutting-edge cloud technology that is available 24/7 across all devices.”

The solution offers value-added benefits to the users, including corporate and special fares, flight and hotel bargains, promotional fairs, loyalty points, premium lounge access and a lot more. 

The platform aggregates travel content from the top global suppliers, wholesalers, airlines and global distribution systems to offer the ability to book their travels online via a centralized and seamless user experience. The content includes more than 1.6 million hotels worldwide, global full-service and low-cost carriers, 5,000 airport transfer options, and several other products. 

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​Sri Sutra Travel
Abdul Raheem

​Melody Mong

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