Unifosa Launches New ProNAS 5.0 Series

Featuring complete data protection, great performance, and efficient resource utilization

UNIFOSA CORP. announced the latest NAS product line, the proNAS 5.0 series, which features complete data protection, great performance, and efficient storage utilization based on an easy-to-use centralized management interface. proNAS 5.0 OS supports virtualization station (VM on NAS) which allows users to install and perform various operations systems. And it supports thin provisioning, compression and deduplication for greater storage space utilization and efficiency. The proNAS 5.0 can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures to handle performance demanding virtualization, database, data-intensive workloads, and video edition related applications.

Unified Storage
proNAS 5.0 is a unified storage system that integrates NAS (Network Attached Storage), Fibre SAN and IP SAN (iSCSI) to provide both file-level and block-level data access. There are various host interface such as 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s Ethernet, 8Gb/s Fiber channel, or 16Gb/s Fiber channel for options, so it’s very flexible for users to adopt the necessary interface to meet their specific application requirements.

proNAS 5.0 supports virtualization station (VM on NAS) and VMware VAAI to speed up performance under VMware environment. With virtualization station, you can create multiple virtual machines with various operating system such as Windows and Linux on the same NAS system, which saves lots of cost and ease server management aside from setting up several physical servers. Besides, VMware VAAI support can speed up VMware I/O operation when NAS applied to ESXi environment. This can greatly reduce resource overhead on server and further improve performance for storage intensive operations.

Comprehensive Data Protection and Data Backup
proNAS 5.0 supports RAID level 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 for data protection. It also supports SSD caching to speed up data access by leveraging SSDs. proNAS 5.0 has a fully-featured backup solution including manual or scheduled backup for file, folder, and shares, and it can be backup and restore from multiple local or remote devices. There are volume clone, snapshot, remote replication, and data copy for options, which are all designed to ensure and enhance your precious data. Also, proNAS integrates with several renowned backup software agents, and users can easily back up to the NAS when the backup agent enabled.

Efficient System Resource Utilization
proNAS 5.0 features thin-provisioning, compression and deduplication to optimize storage utilization. With thin-provisioning, proNAS 5.0 can designate more storage than the actual capacity. It simplifies storage capacity management and eliminates application downtime. proNAS 5.0 can compress data before writing to the storage, allowing for better storage utilization. Data deduplication can reduce the storage capacity since only unique data are stored while common files are shared. All these features will not only save cost but also utilize the storage.

There are total 7 models released for proNAS 5.0: Tower 5Bay DN-500A6Z-CM, 1U 4Bay EN-1400A6Z-CM, 2U 8Bay EN-2800S6Z-CM, 2U 12Bay EN-2120A6Z-PDC, 3U 16Bay EN-3160A6Z-PDC and high performance 2U 12Bay EN-2126JS6Z-SQX, and 3U 16Bay EN-3166JS6Z-SQX.


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