Upgrading Analog C-Arms With Digital Flat Plate Detectors Keeps Radiology Department's Expenses Down

OEC 9800 Digital Flat Panel Detector

​Amber Diagnostics just released a new Digital Flat Plate Detector that can convert OEC 9800 C-arms to digital technology by replacing the image intensifier.

With the high cost of healthcare, radiology departments are racing to keep up with the latest technology. Replacing analog imaging equipment with new digital equipment is a huge expense. One cost-effective solution is retrofitting analog C-arms with a digital flat plate detector.

A new digital C-arm can cost $200,000 or more depending on the software package. But a simple flat plate detector can cost $40,000 to $70,000 for the digital conversion.

“When it comes to imaging departments' tight budgets, refurbishing pre-owned equipment is a cost-effective way to upgrade. Flat plate technology can achieve the same image quality as a state-of-the-art C-arm,” says Bobby Serros, CEO of Amber Diagnostics.

Advantages of Flat Plate Detectors:

·        The flat plate’s digital image will eliminate image distortion around the edge of the screen and provide better contrast resolution.

·        The square screen will increase the field of view by 50% compared to image intensifiers. Surgeons can accurately measure the body part for the operation.

·        Flat plate detectors will fit in with the original circuitry of the C-arm. No expensive hardware upgrades required.

·        The flat plate digital detector will reduce the radiation exposure during long surgical procedures.  

Advantages of a Retrofitted C-arm with a Flat Plate Detector

·        Newer C-arms may be incompatible with local Wi-Fi networks, which could affect the upload of images to archival systems.  

·        Flat plate 20 x 22 and 31 x 31 cm detectors will give surgeons more room to operate around, compared to the bulky 10” image intensifiers on analog C-arms.

·        No retraining of staff required. The original protocols and menus will remain on the unit.

·        C-arm downtime is minimal during the upgrade. Original wiring and cables will not have to be replaced.

For more information on retrofitting OEC 9800 C-arms, visit https://www.amberusa.com/equipment/c-arm/OEC/9800/flat-panel-upgrade.

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